Survivor Insights 148: Caramoan – Hopeless Hope (Episode 3)

3 Reasons why I dislike this episode:

1) With Hope eliminated for good, I’m down to only one bet and that’s Eddie. So, it means, as early as now, considering Eddie has no strategy inside his blood – I can declare I won’t have any fan favorite in the merge.

2) The after water-challenge events were all predictable. Eliminating Hope wasn’t a surprise. I predicted it even before the episode started. It also looked like Sherri’s alliance was too powerful – they’re now making the show so predictable to watch.

3) The combined reward-immunity challenge was arguably one of the bests in history and Eddie was a huge part of it – in this case, for being a failure. What was he doing? Did he really think he can win this game by simply flexing his muscles?

Fans vs Favorites

3 Reasons why I like this episode:

1) Malcolm found the hidden immunity idol. It means he’s ready to take his game one step higher than simply be a shadow to Phillip.

2) Andrea wanted Corrine out. This spells trouble, right?

3) I don’t know if it’s really special to say Shamar didn’t quit. It looks like he’ll have to meet his equal first (Phillip) before quitting.

Photo courtesy: CBS