Survivor Insights 50: This is UNBELIEVABLE!

“in an environment filled with arrogance, delusional entitlement, maybe the person who thinks she’s the least deserving is maybe the most.”

Natalie White must be thankful with what Erik said during their final tribal council. This was the reason why Natalie won. Erik has helped Natalie to win this game of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Like Erik, I see Natalie as the least deserving to win SURVIVOR SAMOA. During the Q&A, I already assumed it’s Mick or Russel in the winning board. Yet, all tables turn upside-down when Erik delivered his speech.

Erik used his power of words to get the other jury members on his side. It’s hard to believe Russel only received two votes during the final tally while Natalie received seven. That was a landslide and hundreds of televiewers would disagree with the decision.

Let’s face it, Evil Russel was the most strategic player to not win this game. As what Jeff Probst wrote in his blog,

“Nobody outwitted or outplayed Russell. Not even close… I also think that when Erik watches this season again in a few years he will regret not giving his vote to Russell. Erik is the kind of guy who I thought would respect a player like Russell. I think Erik was still smarting from the whole Galu disaster.”

Jeff Probst does not also believe that the jury of nine voted for Natalie, he believed the jury voted against Russell.

I agree with Jeff. Natalie played a good social game. She got lucky when she tried to persuade the Galu to oust Erik. Her plan was successful. Erik was blindsided and that was the start of Galu’s demise. Natalie started it and Evil Russel did the rest.

The Good VS The Evil

The most nerve-cracking scene during the finale was the evil Russel-Brett Showdown during the final immunity challenge.

I completely thought Brett would win it. i was not entirely sure if russel only got lucky or he was just too good in balancing. That challenge was hard. Your level of focus must be perfect, precise and consistent.

The great thing about this challenge, both men gave an amazing fight. Although he did not win it all, Brett was still the Immunity King of this season.

In some cases, it would be a weak finale if Russel was not sitting in the final three.

It would also be a predictable finale if Russel wins it all. I know he really deserves to win the title compared to the other two (Mick and Natalie).

Yet, the way the series of events unfold during the final tribal council, those were all worth the praise. Those were crazy but that certainly made SURVIVOR SAMOA an unforgettable and intense season.

But beware, he’s not yet done.

Evil Russel continues his great journey in SURVIVOR Heroes and Villains.