Survivor Insights 152: End of the Line for Julia (Episode 7)

Julia Eliminated

THE BAD: There were no major shake ups for this episode. Like last week, Corinne and Phillip continued their war of nerves. Bikal lost back-to-back challenges and a fan was eliminated as expected. What’s also quite interesting about the Julia’s elimination was the vote reading. Corinne voted with the fans before the re-vote. Does this mean Corinne was ready to flip once the merge comes just to oust Phillip?

THE GOOD: Malcolm began to realize he’ll be a threat in the merge. From the way he talks in his confessionals, he’s kinda visualizing the series of events that may happen should he remains passive. So to end his problems – he quickly made an alliance with the three alpha males (Reynold, Eddie and Erik) before others start destroying them.

Was this a good move? Yes. Malcolm made sure he’s two-steps ahead of the game. What this for long-term? No sure yet. Considering the two tribes will merge next week, Malcolm still needs to recruit two members to have the majority. Corinne perhaps? How about Cochran?

THE STANDOUT: I expected Gota to win the reward challenge right before it started. Yet, the way it’s edited, things became three-times fun. Brenda was in seventh heaven cheering for her tribe – she knew her tribe is invincible.

Gota Wins


In the Immunity Challenge, I adored how Gota planned for the whole challenge. The tribe sent their best swimmers (Brenda, Erik and Eddie) in the water, which was three best decision. These three didn’t disappoint and exceeded expectations.

I wondered why Malcolm didn’t have a standout role in the challenge and it was Reynold who did the grappling hook. Malcolm could have aced this part, I guess.

Dawn was also a standout in Bikal. She played Julia straight in her face. Julia bought the lie while Dawn was on her way, stabbing Julia’s back by sharing everything to Phillip. Good drama.

EPISODE RATING: 7 of 10 stars. Twelve remaining, it’s merge and I still have four pre-show bets (3 favorites and 1 fan). Also, I’m all pump up for the return of food challenge.

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Survivor Insights 95: “Don’t Get Too Confident” (Episode 7)

1) David Survives: Having the confidence is a good thing. There is a need for you to feel confident in anything you do. Whether you’re a student, a businessman, a host, a tennis player, a football player, you need to learn how to have confidence to be successful. That’s how David escaped the boot. He felt confident but at the same time, he knew it’s time for him to scramble and be a hard worker around the camp to save his skin.

Two thumbs up for his argument in Tribal Council!

David certainly knew how to protect himself by saying the right words in order to be heard. His argument did not sound so rehearsed unlike the last episode.

Sarita, on the other hand, chose to be too confident. She trusted her alliance a lot but that does not mean she would not bring her personal stuffs. She knew her chances and if you ask me, her overflowing confidence destroyed her. Whether it’s real life or you’re playing the game, it’s not healthy at all to be very confident. Having too much confidence in yourself could lead to overbearing and this can frustrate you in the end. Look what happened to her.

2) One More Win or Lose Everything: In tennis, win five consecutive matches and you are the overall champion in an ATP 250 Tournament. In SURVIVOR, Matt won five duels in a row means he just needs to win one more duel to return in the game. Matt or Sarita. Sarita or Matt. It’s always 50-50 and either one of them is not my pre-show bets. But, come on, admit it folks, Matt deserves to win. Three of his five duels against Francesca, Russel, Kristina, Krista and Stephanie were shaky. He could have lose but he never gave up.

That’s why; it is not enough to describe his consistency as “Unbelievable!” “Incredible” or “Fantastic!” I already used those terms in my previous posts and I won’t use it again.

3) The Crash Course: This was a challenge I can remember. It was an even fight. Six versus six and all of them did their part to win. Ometepe took an early lead but David put Zapatera in a possible strong finish. The “basketball” part was tricky. The real key was to control the ball even it’s up in the air. Zapatera almost got it but, it was Grant’s superb ability to mix the right combination of control and precision to land the sixth and final ball inside the basket. Ometepe won an immunity for the third time!  

4) Merge!: Every SURVIVOR Loyal Fan, myself included, is waiting for this moment. The game will change gears in which Ometepe/Zapatera are no more. Twelve of them will live in one camp together and things will be crazier as expected.

Who will benefit by this merge? Who will lost his or her cool? Should Matt win the final duel, which direction he’ll go? Will Andrea join him to oust Boston Rob? If yes, will Boston Rob play his hidden idol the way it should be played? Will David stay loyal to Zapatera alliance after what Mike, Steve and Julie did? Who will be the first jury member?

Can’t wait for Episode 8.

Episode Rating: 9 of 10 of stars!

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Survivor Insights 22: Timbira Eating Charcoal

Perhaps, the one little thing I didn’t like in this latest episode of SURVIVOR TOCANTINS was when Sydney Wheeler was voted off. After two weeks of not watching a fresh episode, I miss the people in Tocantins especially my early-pick favorites and that includes Sydney.

While reading her exit interview in RNO, this Survivor Babe revealed she felt suck when everyone tagged her as “the flirt.” Hey Syd, it’s okay to be a flirt. The flirting strategy adds more color to this season and I’m sure Sydney will be unforgettable of what she did.

The level of Sydney’s paranoia was high upon arriving from Tribal Council. If only she did use the paranoia to her great advantage, she could extend her stay. How about combining paranoia + flirt? Parvati Shallow did it nicely in Micronesia and Amber Brkich mastered it in All-Stars, why not Sydney?

Another strategy that could save her was Joe’s supposed to be four-way-alliance with JT and Stephen. Yet, all things came to an end. Sydney didn’t roll the best strategy in her fingers and allowed Taj, Stephen and JT to devour her.

Oh yeah, have I said that the most stand-out event in this episode was the back-to-back win of Timbira? At last, the rhythm and momentum was back at their side. The “throwing-ceramic-over-an-impenetrable-barricade” reward challenge was difficult in some ways.

Timbira’s triumph should be awarded to Brendan, Tyson and of course, the Coach himself. Yes, for the first time, Coach leveled up his game. Catching the ceramic with a large barricade in front of you was something worth a merit.

Did the charcoal-like beans help him get to vibes he needs during the challenge? LOL

Sad for Erinn though and she didn’t participate in the Waterfalls-Feast. When Joe picked her, Joe was clearly using his charms to move ahead in the game. just use it wisely, Joe! The flirting going on while their stay at Exile might not be enough for Erinn to be on Joe’s side.

The immunity challenge was also a blast. The level of excitement was not like the net-catching challenge when JT loss his teeth but the hard-pumping drives were still present in this challenge. Tyson put his tribe on board by blasting all three tiles before JT did.

Brendan and Erinn were again awesome in solving the puzzle. What with these two and they get more better when they were together in challenges? Just noticing Brendan and Erinn were regularly and tightly embracing each other after winning challenges. Lucky Brendan! That’s all I have to say.

I see nothing wrong if these two end up in a romantic relationship after this season.  He’s single and rich. She’s young and charismatic. Wow!

Perhaps, Brendan did the slightest mistake of choosing Sierra as his ally. The reason behind: He probably knew he can’t win with Erinn. Erinn was a power player than Sierra. Sierra was fairly more like of a competitive and social player while Erinn was like the introvert and conniving strategist.

At Jalapao, Taj made a more brilliant plan of pulling JT on her trans-alliance with Timbira. This secret back-up plan might work but it’s still early to tell, it seems that JT was immediately on a chopping board once there’s a merge.

Or the days were up for Joe in the coming weeks. If only he sided with Sydney, JT and Stephen with a secret bond with Erinn on the other side, this plan can be safer by a mile than playing the fake immunity idol.