Survivor Insights 106: South Pacific – Loose Cannon (Episode 3)

1) The First Duel – Cristine won the first duel in Redemption Island and will face Papa Bear in the next. Is this unexpected? No. Did I predict this? Yes. Cristine can still win against Papa Bear. Look back at what she did against Semhar and you can say that at 39,  she still got the drive. She appeared confident and she’s ready to compete to win every duel – as long as she’s not against Ozzy.

2) Breakable Bond – I either want it or dislike it when SURVIVOR proves me wrong and seeing Keith broke his brotherly bond with Ozzy was a want. Sharing with Whitney that Ozzy was in possession of a hidden idol was a step closer to blindsiding a veteran before a merge. You see, Keith did the right thing for snaking out from Ozzy’s shadow. This was his only way of making a name of his own and not just be remembered as Ozzy’s sidekick.

Sidekicks are forgettable. They can go farther like Natalie of the previous season and can “luckily” win the title like Natalie of Samoa but come on, there’s nothing too special in them. As I see it, Natalie did not win because of her own game. She won because of Erik’s powerful speech to convince the jury that she deserved the title than Mick and Russel. Yes, this was disappointing. I got disappointed too. Russel should have won that season no matter how hateful he was. You’re immediately thinking of him when you’re thinking of Survivor Samoa, right?

Going back to Keith – if this man is ready to take chances and stick with the new & right people like Cochran, Whitney and Jim, a blindside is 90% possible. If he changes his mind and just let Ozzy rule Savii, he’s helping  Ozzy to get to the finale.

3) Loose Cannon in Lil’ Hantz – They are 100% related but there’s one big difference: Russel and Brandon Hantz are completely playing a different game. Russel is annoying because of his ego to be always in control even when he’s not. As for Brandon, he’s getting annoying because he couldn’t have the balls to say the right words. Brandon wasted his chance to tell Mikayla the truth. What’s so difficult in saying “I dislike you Mikayla because you’re making me horny and I’m married?”

That’s the honesty he’s looking for and Mikayla can understand it. She will not take advantage. She appears to be the type of woman who will flirt to win this game but she knows where to draw the line. If I’m correct with my observation, Mikayla flirts with Albert. Does Brandon realized that? I’m sue he has but the editing showed me the different side. I saw the Brandon who acted like a small kid who cried because he has no money to buy a candy.

Look closer at this situation and you’ll realize Mikayla did nothing wrong. It’s not Mikayla’s fault if Brandon gets horny each time he looks at her. Brandon is nineteen-year-old, a teenager, and it’s not a big sin to have these sexual urges for a girl as hot as Mikayla. Having these sexual urges are totally different from giving in to these urges. If you’re psychologically weak to channel these urges into something new and positive then that’s the time you’re committing a sin.

What Brandon was doing was he’s just fighting these urges too much. He kept thinking about being unfaithful but the truth is- he’s just blaming Mikayla for everything and not evaluating himself the right way. Blaming someone won’t do any good and believe it or not, only losers do the blaming. In this type of situation, will is stronger than fear and Brandon lets his fear took over him. If Brandon continues to get scared, his issues with Mikayla won’t get solved. We’ll probably see a lot of  Mikayla vs. Brandon drama until we get to the merge.

Episode Rating: 9 of 10 stars! – Lots of interesting drama in camp and the combined immunity/reward challenge did wow me again (The Albert vs Ozzy “floating board part” was the coolest) but voting out Papa Bear was kinda predictable.

Photo courtesy of: CBS