Survivor Insight 122: One World – The Dumbest Move (Episode 4)

THE BAD: Another SURVIVOR First and it’s not a good one at all. To vote someone out after dominating an Immunity Challenge was clearly the dumbest strategy any tribe can do while playing the game. This decision was a lot dumber than losing a challenge on purpose, like Zapatera did in Redemption Island, just to oust the biggest villain of the game (Russel Hantz).

Those seven Manono men were acting impulsively and they were all Colton’s puppets. Colton’s aggressive emotions were all over place.  His strategic mind was gone and failed to remind himself  that it’s not a need to be a fan of the show to know it’s not the right call to vote someone out just because he’s seen to be a traitor (referring to Leif) or he’s perceived to be obnoxious (referring to Bill).

Let’s say Leif betrayed his alliance by “accidentally” telling Bill that he was nearly eliminated the night Matt went home – what’s so wrong about it? The Misfit Alliance got the numbers and Bill could not do anything to break it. Perhaps, two or three of Manono men have forgotten that once you’re playing Survivor, expect that someone will manipulate and betray you.

THE GOOD: The Salani women won the Reward Challenge but they performed at their worst in Immunity Challenge. Chelsea and Alicia were struggling to solve the easiest puzzle of the course. The Manono men were almost done with the challenge before they even solved it. Unpredictable things happened. Luck sided with the women though. Manono’s decision to hand them the idol to vote out Bill was the dumbest decision the Salani women can take advantage of.

THE UNLUCKIEST: Let’s say the two tribes are switched in the next episode, it’s easier to find a crack in Manono’s alliance now that both tribes are equal in numbers. With what he did and with the tribe agreeing with his plan, Colton is helping a Salani woman win this game.

WHO STANDS OUT?: Tarzan – for getting tired of all the talks about “race.” He was not afraid to say what’s on his mind as to why the discussion should stop. There’s a realization to what Tarzan shared in Tribal Council. It’s not the nicest group of words to hear but it’s the truest one.

The realization is – Survivor is a game for all races as long as you’re an American Citizen. If you’re joining and you don’t feel secure about your race, this game is not for you!

EPISODE RATING: 8 of 10 stars!

Photo courtesy of: CBS