Survivor Insights 149: Caramoan – Make or Break (Episode 4)

Goodbye LauraTHE STANDOUT: With Shamar gone due to severe eye injury, Sherri’s alliance of six was left with no option but to cut one of their own – Laura. Laura was a good social strategist who was responsible for Allie’s demise in episode two. In Episode three, she also tricked Reynold into thinking she’ll go with them in ousting Shamar. Laura’s social game was overall flawless.

Physical challenges as her weakness is Laura’s biggest problem. She’s in it not to win it. In the Immunity Challenge, even Matt observed that she easily became exhausted by simply helping Reynold in unlocking the chest full of sandbags.

THE GOOD: Was it a good or bad decision to eliminate Laura? For now, the answer is yes. I saw similar episodes of strength vs. loyalty in the past and usually, the majority alliance would keep the strength in an aim to win future challenges.

This decision wasn’t a guarantee considering in Survivor Philippines – Matsing still lost the next challenge after getting rid of Angie. I could only remember an episode in South Pacific in which loyalty was given more priority than strength.

Survivor Caramoan is a different season and as of the writing, Gota needs to win. Each member needs to realize reality is the truth. When it’s the truth, it’s a fact and it’s hard denying it. The truth is; Gota needs Eddie’s strength. Whatever angles you’ll look at, he’s still an MVP of the tribe next to Reynold (even if he wasted his idol solely due to paranoia). Another truth is; it’s not fair blaming these two for losing three immunity challenges in a row.

Bias as it also seems, I still root for Eddie (the only fan left in my list of first impression bets) and I’m expecting he’ll improve his gameplay in the coming episodes. Hopefully.

Eddie survives

THE UNLUCKIEST: Due to Shamar’s  evacuation, this brought the game into another level. It’s also a wake up call for Sherri to not feel too confident about her game. And, it’s interesting to see how will she convince Eddie to stick with them in case there’s a tribal switch.

THE BAD: Phillip was playing this game too much. His Stealth R Us alliance of six became nine, with the inclusion of Brandon (The Conqueror), Erik (The Silent One) and Brenda (Serenity).

Stealth R Us

“Too many cooks spoil the broth” and with eight people under his watch, it’s doubtful to say Phillip was going in the right direction. He might have put himself in a vulnerable position – primarily because he gave himself a harder time pointing out the loyal people against the fake.

Episode Rating: 9 of 10 stars! I adored the episode’s unpredictability.

Photo Courtesy: CBS Survivor Insider