Survivor Insights 33: Survivor Philippines Season Two- The Beauty Queen Ousted!

Justine Ferrer, the 29-year-old businesswoman and labeled as the beauty queen of this season was ousted and honestly, I didn’t really understand her “coming out” revelations. I was not playing naive here, I created numerous possibilities of what she’s saying her “uniqueness.” The problem was, which of those possibilities she’s in and even Paolo Bediones, the host, could not blurt it out. Being “unique” spoke volumes and yeah, I assume they will air the clear discussions on the next episode.

For the meantime, allow me to enumerate Justine’s weaknesses as a player.

1) Too Much Talking– Talking in the game of Survivor is not really a big crime only if you can channel your talks to your advantage. The case with Justine is, her talks are thrash. Thrash talking can be her playing style but in the game of Survivor, she is not doing it the right way. Talk but never forget to edit what you talk.

2)  Weakling– Justine tried her best in challenges unfortunately, her best is not enough. Every human being has a weakness and as a castaway it’s up to you how to convert that weakness into strength. Kaye Alipio, of Survivor Season 1 belonging to Naak Tribe, was not physically strong but she still secured her spot in the jury and only came short before the final five.

Kaye is not Justine. Justine is not Kaye but that is the one thing missing in Justine’s game. Justine played the game with lots of emotions. She didn’t emerge as the leader or the second-best leader but that’s okay. The big problem is, she allowed herself to be devoured by her own thrash talks.

Yet, who knows, there is still a twist and it appears Justine will come back. Is she?