Survivor Insights 74: Survivor Nicaragua- Delusion of Grandeur (Episode 4)

Delusion of Grandeur: Mr. Wikipedia defines it as “a subtype of delusional disorder characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, or otherwise very powerful.”

1) The Lessons Learned: I don’t understand why Jimmy T. was pushing himself to be a leader. This is his biggest mistake and he’s playing a game that everything is uncertain and every little thing is also based on luck. If you’re playing or not playing too much, you’re out. If you are taking the role of a leader, you’re also out. Get the picture now? Leaders are no one in SURVIVOR. Being a leader is a huge threat, especially when you are a negotiator as good as Marty, who wanted to get all the attention of his tribemates, and in any case you want or you have become a leader by chance, you need to find ways to forget that wish ASAP to avoid the cut.

Looking back in the first three seasons, Rich was not the leader of Tagi, he only controlled the group by becoming the king of alliance. Tina won the second season because of luck that Colby chose her over Keith. In Africa, Ethan was not a leader in his tribe- Tom and Lex were.

If only Jimmy T. followed these patterns then he could have stayed and would have enjoy the merge feast.

2) Yve, The Listener: Listening is everything and I am glad this is what Yve has been doing for four episodes now. She might not have many confessionals as Jimmy Johnson has but it still can’t be denied you could feel Yve’s existence and she’s playing her own social game.

Your opinions and your point of views are no longer important in SURVIVOR and so far, this was Yve’s greatest achievement in the game. She’s not talking a lot probably because she knew she didn’t need to or because she knew the situation would be better if she would let the strategist (Marty) and the leader (The Jimmys) perform all the talking for her.

In addition to that, it’s really hard to talk when the stomach is empty and you feel sleepy all the time. These are the type of situations where the conscious-side of you is not working properly. When you’re tired and you don’t want to perform things that are regrettable later on, just keep your ears open, just socialize, keep the numbers on your side and keep reminding yourself to shut up, especially in Tribal Councils.

3) The Beautiful Alina: As the days passed by and the nerves were cracking up in La Flor tribe, I notice that Alina has become more beautiful than her profile photo in CBS. Alina’s beauty is hard to ignore and hopefully, she and Kelly B. could find a way (or an unexpected twist) that someone from the alliance of five will be needing her just for the sake of numbers. I want Alina to stay and bias as it seems, I want her to be a part of the jury.

4) Invisible Kelly Purple: For four consecutive episodes now, the editing has abandoned Kelly Shin. It’s hard to find Kelly Purple in the crowd and to be honest, I haven’t recognized her if she did not seat out during the reward/immunity challenge and when she did not pass the idol to Brenda when her tribe won.

5) NaOnka & the Hidden Idol: Now that Jimmy Johnson is gone, every episode until her stay will be about NaOnka. The NaOnka who chose to be in the hood and who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind and the NaOnka who have found the hidden immunity idol with a big help from Brenda. Could she have the power now? Probably yes and probably not if she’s inconsistent to what she’s saying.

My Episode Overall Rating: 7 of 10 stars

Photos Courtesy of: Survivor Seasons in Facebook