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The Liquid Asset Token (LAToken) aims to become the global tokenization marketplace. It encourages new and existing investors to buy real assets using cryptocurrencies.

LAToken opens its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on August 22. The ICO is divided into four rounds, which is expected to last until early October: R1 is for equity. R2 is for real estate, R3 is for debt and commodities and R4 is for works of arts. The price of LAT gets expensive in each round.


Earlier, The better

The token in the early rounds are cheaper. The first round circulates 25 million LATs offered at 0.001 ETH. Due to high demand, five million is added to the supply of LATs as of August 23.

Blockchain Protected

The LAT platform is guaranteed safe and secured round the clock. It allows you to buy and sell tokenized assets anytime. The platform also provides an array of portfolio analysis tools.

Operational Platform

The LAT Platform features four functionalities that are beneficial to all B2B Companies. The LAT Wallet stores and records all token operations. LAT Exchange allows you to discover the trending assets and its prices.

The Trading Terminal makes room for bidding, setting criteria and processing of trades. The Back Office calculates the real-time Net Asset Value (NAV) with the help of its analytics and management tools.

Reduce Transaction Cost

The transaction cost of trading equity is 0.001% with one week preparation.

The minimum transaction cost for real estate assets is 0.01%  with less than a week of listing preparation. Timely posting is required.

Issuing debt requires no minimum volume and no annual listing fees. The platform provides real-time transparency tools. These tools reveal bank loan records to all borrowers.

LAToken provides a fair market valuation to works of arts. It eliminates the presence of auction houses and dealers. The fee is limited to 0.01% with one week of listing sale preparation.

No Credit Cards

All transactions use cryptocurrency. The platform issues liquid asset-backed tokens (LABT) backed by publicly traded assets. All investors buy LABT during an auction.

This way, it becomes two-times easier for asset owners and investors to trade illiquid assets such as real estate and works of arts.

Secured Assets

To protect the interest of asset owners, LAToken provides a list of registered providers. The platform also owns DDoS attack security tools and smart contracts before the actual token offering.

Secured Tokens

To avoid further confusion, LAT is a non-refundable crypto-token. These virtual tokens are issued on an Ethereum Platform by means of an ERC20 smart contract.

LABT is an acronym for Liquid Asset-Backed Tokens. These are for fractional ownership of assets that are sold at the platform. The LAT platform is the online marketplace. Personal data collected within the platform are protected by a peer-to-peer network.

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Introducing: Team LAToken

Team LAToken is composed of experienced strategists and advisors led by its CEO, Valentin Preobrazhenskiy. He studied global banking at Harvard University and Stanford University.

“LAToken believes crypto will dominate the global economy. To bring that day closer, we build a NASDAQ on Blockchain with a wider range of tradable assets, blurring the boundaries between crypto- and real economies, and offering our clients a dramatic reduction of listing costs, settlement time, and transaction costs.”

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