#Survivor Insights 231: Ghost Island – Lesson of The Story (Episode 10)

Truth stays unclear. It’s gray in color. It sits right in the middle of what’s right and wrong. You have your truth. He owns his. She owns hers. It boils down to how truthful your truth is. Is it a genuine truth? Or a delusional truth?

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Desiree Afuye, 21, New York

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#Survivor Insights 222: The Ghost Island – My Early Favorites

Another new season, another new castaways. The idea of having a ghost island theme doesn’t interest me much (Heroes-Healers-Hustlers is way better) but these new 20 faces have immediately caught my attention.


Divided into two tribes, this is one of the most attractive and most intriguing groups in history. Yet, only four of them emerge as my early favorites based on what I’ve read in their CBS-bio and on what I’ve heard in their pre-show interviews by the beach. Here they are…



James Lim, 24, Business Analyst

James Lim is a 24-year-old business analyst currently residing in New York. He describes himself as astute, resolute and ambitious. His grandfather is his life inspiration but Yul Kwon, as expected, is his most-liked Survivor. It appears he can see himself in Season 13’s Sole Survivor. With the same degree of professional experiences, James plans to follow Yul’s footsteps as the cool, calm and collected Asian-American castaway.

Survivor is an adventure like no other for James. He knows that playing the game requires no magic formula. He would surely push himself both physically and mentally. James believes he can stay longer if he continues to be a tenacious team-player despite of the social politics and the inevitable cries of Mother Nature.

Libby Vincek, 24, Social Media Strategist

Libby Vincek is a 24-year-old social media strategist residing in Texas as of the writing. Her hobbies include cooking, traveling and, like James Lim, Libby loves to workout too. Season 2’s Elisabeth is her inspiration in life. Libby is nine years old when she saw Elisabeth on TV. She admires everything about her and follows her celebrity life since then.

Season 6 and season 24’s sole survivors are Libby’s most-liked contestants. These are Jenna Morasca and Kim Spradlin, respectively. She’s a fan of Natalie White too – the sole survivor in season 19. Like these three strong women, Libby plans to use her beauty and brains to make friends and alliances to last longer. She currently works online but she loves outdoors as well.



Desiree Afuyeon, 21, Student

Desiree Afuyeon is a 21-year-old New Yorker. Still a student, she describes herself as unbreakable, driven and real. Beyonce is her inspiration in life. For Desiree, Beyonce stands as one of the few superwomen who always excel in her expertise. She doesn’t only sing and wins awards. She also influences hundreds of women around the world to raise the bar as high as they can.

Season 33’s Micheala Bradshaw is Desiree’s most-like survivor. They’re both strong-willed women who can do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Desiree has been through the ups and down outside Survivor. The show makes no difference. It’s a social competition. She needs to deal with 19 strangers with different personalities from all walks of life. She believes she can survive by staying sociable, likable and adaptable.

Chris Noble, 24, Model

Chris Noble is a 27-year-old charismatic, ambitious and perceptive model in New York. His mom is his life inspiration. Her mom survived multiple sclerosis for years. She underwent complications but Chris never chose to cease to support her. She’s the bravest woman he knew. Until this very moment, Chris wears the good luck necklace she gave to him before she died.

Competition-wise, Chris looks up to season 33’s Gen-Xer Ken Mcnickle and Millennial Michaela Bradshaw. He wants to be the provider like Ken but plays with great determination like Michaela. Chris also sees himself in Joe Anglim in Survivor Game Changer. Chris would use his eye-candy and smooth-sailing game to build unbreakable coalition that can help him go deep and, probably, win.

Photos Courtesy of: CBS