Survivor Insights 133: Survivor Philippines – Episode 5 Highlights

A lot of interesting scenes were going on in Survivor Philippines, episode five. It nearly felt like I was watching the entire episode for 90-minutes.

INTERESTING SCENE #1: Malcolm in the Middle

Matsing was down to two members and it’s kinda expected that the tribe will be dissolved. What’s so much interesting was Malcolm found the hidden immunity idol moments before the dispersal. With this idol in his pocket, Malcolm was now in a powerful position either he’ll be put at Tandang or Kalabaw. He’ll be protected by it and by his new alliance. As for Denise, I wasn’t worried about her at all. Whatever the situation, whether she has the idol protection or not, Denise would “dig in and dig deep” to escape the vote.

INTERESTING SCENE #2: The New Tandang, The New Kalabaw

Matsing was no more. Malcolm went to Tandang while Denise became a new member of Kalabaw. Was I happy with this? Yes! Malcolm was openly welcomed at Tandang. Everybody loved him. Pete immediately revealed everything to him even there’s no assurance that Malcolm was 100% with the deal. Pete felt confident in his confessional that Malcolm would trust him. He even said he got no problems taking Malcolm to the finals.

Strategy-wise, this was really an impulsive move for Pete. He’s an engineering graduate and he totally miscalculated the risks involved. Let’s say he got no problems with Malcolm, that’s only what he wanted to think. Malcolm never revealed to him anything. He didn’t say he’ll bring Pete in the finals.

RC handled things better than Pete. Reason #1: RC is a woman. She could flirt and make Malcolm believe he’s on her side. Reason #2: RC seems to have a superior analytical skills. With her background in investment banking, getting Malcolm’s trust and respect seems easy. She’s only chewing gum in no-money-involved situations.

INTERESTING #3: Dana Quits

A season of medevac is incomplete without the drama of having someone leaving the island. For this season, it was Dana’s turn to go. Deep inside, Dana wanted to continue. She wanted to fight for another day. She’s even in a safe position with women alliance. However, her physical health collapsed, the pain was too much and it won’t be any help should she chose to stay. Things will simply get complicated, right?

INTERESTING #4: The Immunity Challenge

Denise didn’t disappoint in Kalabaw. She’s still a big asset in challenges. Truth is – it’s shocking to see she’s stronger than Carter. Denise untied the knot seconds before Carter did. Also, Denise got no problems in running. Katie was way younger than her but Denise performed like she’s only 20 years old while Katie was half older than her. Denise was quick and she could handle things just right. In the puzzle, it was a tight race between Jonathan (for Kalabaw) versus Pete (for Tandang). I could sense Jonathan-Dawson lost this part not because they were way behind – but primarily because there’s a teamwork between Pete and Lisa. The two controlled the nerves effectively.

INTERESTING #5: BYE-bye Dawson

Personally, Dawson should have stayed than Katie. She was voted-out primarily because of Jeff Kent. Jeff felt she’s a complete threat to his game, that’s why; he convinced Jonathan and Carter to outvote her. Jeff already got Denise – who’ll stay loyal to him for the time being. Also, there’s also no point of saving Dawson. Jonathan hated her during the Immunity Challenge.

Episode Rating: 7 of 10 stars! I appreciate the production effort though the two challenges were not as exciting as I wanted it.

Photos courtesy of: CBS