Survivor Insights 103: South Pacific – Probst’s Cast Assessment

I am not sure if it’s due to economic crisis or low ratings but for some unknown reasons I might not be aware of, no local or cable channels here in the Philippines will show SURVIVOR South Pacific.  This sucks, yes, a real suck especially if the show has been a part of your system for years!

I saw Jeff’s Assessment on YouTube and it confuses why Coach and Ozzy are invited to come back when this new season filled with diverse castaways can still on their own. It’s inevitable there are some personalities who might not stand out (even when they make the jury) but you know what, after watching the assessment – I realized this season won’t longer need returning players.

This is already a complete season with or without the “Redemption Island.” The idea of having returning players just because it’s a season of “Redemption” might only destroy the quality of the show. The first few episodes of the previous season started so strong. A lot of names started to surface and my personal bets get the “editing” they deserve. Still, the show kinda ended weak (merge) when the remaining castaways did not play a strategic game and were overpowered by Boston Rob.

TO ALL FANS OUT THERE: I’m looking for a free streaming virus-free site (I can’t watch the video in CBS, it’s block!) If possible, an entire episode will be uploaded in one video. If not, it’s still fine. Please help me out.