My Favorite SEO Websites


SEO is a changing world. New rules are made regularly and new techniques are put into practice. It’s for this reason why many people get confuse as to what to follow and who to follow.

If you’ll search the term “seo techniques,” there are more than 10,ooo search results that appear in front of you. All the websites look credible and they offer relevant information, which you need.

As an SEO Analyst, I’ve learned from my past mistakes. I’ve realized I need to choose what to read and what to believe. With thousands of contents in the web these days, it’s not enough to simply believe what the author wants me to follow.

After reading a certain article or watching a video about SEO, I pause for a while and ask myself “Is this technique needed?”

If I’m not sure with my answer, I better ignore it and search for another website. For five years, this is exactly what I’m doing. I keep on searching, researching, skim and scan to find the juiciest information I’m looking for.

As of the moment, I can seem to reveal my favorite websites related to search engine optimization and other scopes of internet marketing. I really love the overall feel and quality of these three websites and it seems as if I’m learning a lot once I started reading their blogs.

What are these websites?

1) Topping my list is SEOMoz Blog. I have no major criticism about the blog. It’s filled with information and more information, which are written by experienced entrepreneurs. At times, the presentation goes very technical yet it’s totally okay. That’s part of the challenge.

2) Next to that is Search Engine Journal. The simplicity of the website is what makes it a stand-out for me.

3) Last but not least is the Search Engine Land. Everything about the site looks formal and smart.

That’s it! Those are the three of the very best SEO websites these days. They are the source of my knowledge.

Let me know what you think

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