Be Number 1 in Google: Leads Ahoy Gives 50% Off Video Animations

Hi. My name is Dean. I’m an SEO Analyst. I’m currently working for Nick and Matt – The brains of Leads Ahoy. Below is their announcement:

Leads Ahoy announces 50% off to all logo, video intro and outro animations for all business owners. The primary goal is to get to the top of giant search engines.


As animation becomes the darling of online marketing, Leads Ahoy wants to help business owners get their own rich logo, video intro, outro or stinger. This helps businesses get exposure and branding online through high-quality animated video.

* * * Professional Company Videos, Delivered Quickly  * * *

This animations make bold statement for business sites, providing clearer visibility for a web page in Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

If a company offers something special online but its branding lacks exposure, it only results to low impact.

More and more companies need animation to generate worldwide publicity. Logo animations, video intro and outro and stinger immediately grab more attention around the world.

Below are the top reasons why video animation needs to be included in the marketing mix.

Video + Animation Explains Everything.

It immediately illustrates the message they want their audience to understand. Videos with animations provide 74% increase to visitors’ awareness. They highly articulate about the products and services than pictures. Eighty percent of users remembers the videos and 46% of them take immediate action after watching the video.


Increase Customer Conversion.

Regardless of what the products and services, an animated video increases customer conversion. There’s an increase of 64% who will purchase a product or service. Even on email marketing, videos double the amount of click-through rates.

Appealing to Mobile Users.

Mobile video views increase rapidly, about 400% and 100% each year for YouTube alone. Smartphone users grow, which means more people want to watch videos on the go.

Video + Animation Obtains Higher Engagement.

Audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on social networks. Audience stays longer on the page. If not its entirety, 65% of viewers will play ¾ content of a video with animation.


Improves Search Engine Optimization.

Adding video animations improves a site’s rank in major search engines. According to Comscore, it increases the chance of a front page of Google results by 53 times. is the newest online consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois that provides professional services in search engine optimization, reputation marketing and lead generation. Leads Ahoy helps clients get more leads while advancing innovative tools in search engine optimization, reputation marketing and lead generation. It specializes in animation too.

Nick Cifonie & Matt Lohse, Owners
(888) 404-5408

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