Ivanovic’s Early Exit at Miami

83286611MH085_Sony_EricssonWhat was an impressive play during the second round, Ana Ivanovic somehow blew it over again in the third round. I wonder what’s in third round that screws the 21-year-old Serbian? Ivanovic handed the first and final set to Hungarian’s Agnez Szavay (4-6, 6-4, 1-6).

The scores in first and second set reminded me of Ivanovic’s fourth round clash with Flavia Penneta in Indian Wells two weeks ago but what happened in the third set?

I read the reports in her site and this is what I found out.

“The speedy Szavay was a model of consistency and the Hungarian broke serve to take a 3-0 lead in the third set and, after two 10-minute breaks due to light rain, added another break of serve when Ana sent a forehand long. The 21-year-old tried a miraculous comeback, got one break back to serve at 1-4 but she couldn’t complete the task…”

Lack of Focus — This might be the reason why Ivanovic can’t put her game cards forward. If she’s only waiting for miracles during the game, it reveals her rhythm level that day is low and it’s probably due to lack of sleep, lack of inspiration or too much thinking.

And C-Note also affirmed it! During her after-match interview, Ivanovic said,

“Well, it’s kind of funny, because last night I couldn’t really fall asleep.  Now looking back, I’ve been thinking about my game, because like I said, I had a really good practice yesterday and I was so excited about my game and I felt really good… Before I knew it, it was like 12:30, 1:00 a.m. and I was still thinking about that…. So, yeah, I didn’t have a good night of sleep, and you see what happens.  I have to try to concentrate…”

What I like about Ivanovic, she openly admit her mistakes.

“”I’m really disappointed with today’s game. I hardly did anything well. I was trying to come in, and I was volleying pretty well at times, but I was really disappointed. I couldn’t really hold my serve. And just the way I started, I felt like I had so many chances early on in the match. I was always missing by a little bit, and got really down on myself. It was kind of hard to pick up from there.”

In USA Today, I also found this statement by the Roland Garros Champion,

“It’s completely different, because in Serbia, we don’t have such a great history of tennis. We didn’t have opportunity to talk with any top players before, what it takes to get there and to stay there. So we have to sort of go through it on our own. When you are at the top, you don’t realize that it’s even harder to stay there. That’s something we have to probably accept.”

What frustrates the most is— after this loss, I will not see Ivanovic in about a month again. Her next tournament is on April 25th second round Fed Cup at Spain.

Let me know what you think

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