Falling Star: An Ana-tomy of Ivanovic’s Struggles

– Does Ana love tennis?

– Is she still injured?

– What’s wrong with her playing style?

All the questions above are answered in this analytical article on Ana Ivanovic’s downhill career as written by @sharapovanovic.

“In the 2010 French Open, the world #42 Ana Ivanovic cowered helplessly behind the baseline as the burly Alisa Kleybanova crammed a second-set bagel down her throat in the second round.  How did this precipitous two-year plunge from glory to misery accelerate with such alarming speed?”

“We look at seven of the principal explanations for Ivanovic’s struggles, arranged in order from least convincing to most convincing, before concluding with two potential paths by which she can move forward from the crossroads at which she tentatively stands.”

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3 thoughts on “Falling Star: An Ana-tomy of Ivanovic’s Struggles

  1. I don’t think Ana is worth the ink at the moment. I’d rather take a look at someone like Yaroslava Shvedova who is raising her game. It’s not that I don’t like Ana – I do – but perhaps she’d be better off if the media started treating her like what she currently is – a barely-in-the-top-50 player who is playing uninspired tennis on a regular basis.

    Maybe then, Ana would find that hunger in her heart to become relevant again.

    She’ll be 23 in November – she’s got plenty of time to turn things around. She’s a great girl that has a really kind soul – you can tell when you hear her speak – but she strikes me as naive/ immature, and I think she got steamrolled by her own success and hasn’t yet found a proper method of handling it.


  2. @FanChild I am not 100% sure. I think Ana is not uninspired when she’s playing, she’s probably over-inspired, over-playing and over-thinking. She might have recognized the improvements in her game during practices but the problem might be, Ana is too weak to control of those nerves and thoughts when she has to.


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