Memories of The Decade (2010-2019)

2010 – 2014

October 10 was the only special memory I can remember in 2010. This was supposed to be an ordinary Sunday afternoon. Then, Dianne and I met in a mall. I could not remember the exact reason why we met. One thing’s for sure, it was a planned meet. Nothing romantic whatsoever. We were just friends. Unexpectedly, we found ourselves playing Virtua Tennis in Nintendo Wii. She was Ana Ivanovic and I was Rafael Nadal in a clay court. She lost. I was the King of Clay but when we changed players to Roger Federer and Rafa, she won. Dianne punished me with her deep groundstrokes. 2011 came. It was this year when Novak Djokovic dominated the ATP Tour. I was still a big fan of him that year and I was overjoyed he won a total of 70 matches and lost only 6 and hailed as the new World Number 1 after winning Wimbledon in singles.

My first promotion in work happened in 2012. I participated and passed the SEO Analyst Training Program. This was a milestone to me. If the job of a psychologist is to diagnose a mental health disorder and conduct therapy without medication, my job as an SEO Analyst is to diagnose what’s right and what’s not in a web page then decide what to do to improve its online visibility. 2013 then there was 2014. This was my favorite year of the decade! I ended the year on a high as I dug in, dug deep and made it happen to watch a tennis exhibition live at Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. I was with my dad. He is not a tennis fan and until now as I am writing this, I did not know if he genuinely enjoyed the adventure or genuinely felt anxious seeing me on a Cloud 9.

Dean Ryan Martin Proactive Bookworm
The kid in me was genuinely happy when I found this book – my favorite show way back when. *Cough* I’m 35 now *Cough*

2015 – 2019

2015 was a miracle. Daddy and I made our second trip in Mall of Asia Arena to watch IPTL. I could still remember the night when I saw Ana Ivanovic and Rafael Nadal. Excitement and happiness devoured me while watching their matches in VIP area. Luckily, Daddy had them signed my white souvenir cap. After all those moments of nirvana, I felt totally spastic. I mean, I have cerebral palsy and I am expected to have concrete-like adductors and hamstrings. My spasticity and I are inseparable. Therefore, I needed to return to physical therapy for good. In 2016, I made it happen. My physical therapists thoroughly explained to me what gone wrong and what gone right. It seemed like my rebirth while listening with all the information I learned about myself (Just A Cupid Insert: Learning with their beautiful DDC Clinical Instructor). It made me wonder why I was denied to receive the exterior truth about myself when I was the one who suffered much since five years old. Too late for blaming, life continues, I am not dead yet, then 2017 came. Damn it, this year was the decade heaviest! It made no logical sense to me when my best friend for 18 more years backstabbed me. I said a garbage joke to him, he took it too seriously like his sexual orientation depends on it, then I found out he was spreading the joke to his girlfriend and family. What a delusional fella. Best friendship ended, regrets as usual, I could have allowed him to stay in my support system but that was better decision to end all. I was exhausted and “was poisoned” of his eccentric personality since Day 1.

I kept holding on with life until I made 2018. It was a renaissance. Slowly but surely, I recovered from the tragedy. I decided to read fiction books to heal my bleeding soul and I was “surprisingly” elected as the Alumni President in BS Psychology while working full time. I celebrated my birthday with a group of DDH Physical Therapists too. This year was stressful but greatly memorable. 2019 was a first. I had enough psychologically and decided to consult a psychiatrist for the unresolved fragments that happened two years ago. This was the moment I realized even a psych major also needs professional help. A lot of people would misunderstand the decision I made. Never give a care anyway. Their perceptions were all inaccurate stereotypes. Their perceptions were their truth about themselves, not mine. I understood the truth clearer. I thought the year would ended this way. Holy cow, Cupid played his tricks. He put me on a love triangle again – a moment of my decade to realize that I am either plainly stupid or I am not choosing who to fall with.

Survivor Insights 152: End of the Line for Julia (Episode 7)

Julia Eliminated

THE BAD: There were no major shake ups for this episode. Like last week, Corinne and Phillip continued their war of nerves. Bikal lost back-to-back challenges and a fan was eliminated as expected. What’s also quite interesting about the Julia’s elimination was the vote reading. Corinne voted with the fans before the re-vote. Does this mean Corinne was ready to flip once the merge comes just to oust Phillip?

THE GOOD: Malcolm began to realize he’ll be a threat in the merge. From the way he talks in his confessionals, he’s kinda visualizing the series of events that may happen should he remains passive. So to end his problems – he quickly made an alliance with the three alpha males (Reynold, Eddie and Erik) before others start destroying them.

Was this a good move? Yes. Malcolm made sure he’s two-steps ahead of the game. What this for long-term? No sure yet. Considering the two tribes will merge next week, Malcolm still needs to recruit two members to have the majority. Corinne perhaps? How about Cochran?

THE STANDOUT: I expected Gota to win the reward challenge right before it started. Yet, the way it’s edited, things became three-times fun. Brenda was in seventh heaven cheering for her tribe – she knew her tribe is invincible.

Gota Wins


In the Immunity Challenge, I adored how Gota planned for the whole challenge. The tribe sent their best swimmers (Brenda, Erik and Eddie) in the water, which was three best decision. These three didn’t disappoint and exceeded expectations.

I wondered why Malcolm didn’t have a standout role in the challenge and it was Reynold who did the grappling hook. Malcolm could have aced this part, I guess.

Dawn was also a standout in Bikal. She played Julia straight in her face. Julia bought the lie while Dawn was on her way, stabbing Julia’s back by sharing everything to Phillip. Good drama.

EPISODE RATING: 7 of 10 stars. Twelve remaining, it’s merge and I still have four pre-show bets (3 favorites and 1 fan). Also, I’m all pump up for the return of food challenge.

Photos courtesy: CBS