Merry Christmas Donniella!

Dear Cupid,

2019 DDC Psychometricians
Me with the 2019 psychometricians of Davao Doctors College

Intelligent conversation, online or offline, is sexy. It is fun. It is quality. It is something to be remembered. In Hunger Games Trilogy, this is the kind of conversation that Katniss Everdeen feels when she is with Peeta Mellark or with Gale Hawthorne.

Truth to be told, the boundary lines were made the first day I laid my eyes on her. She gave me chills. Yes, I admitted to her she is my crush.

What have you done with my feelings, Cupid? The crush feeling grows. Love takes time to feel, the moment I have crossed our boundary lines. If the situation allows it, I can offer her my life. Love is real even it means letting go and my offer needs to stay in my imagination. She will stay as my special memory no matter what.

It is healthier for us this way. This 2019, there are three insightful and intelligent conversations I had (apart from the books I read of course). First with my psychiatrist, second with my boss and third was with her. Merry Christmas, Donniella. Take good care of her, Cupid.

Make her ambitions happen,

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