My Year-End Review

Between a backstabbing best friend and a betrayed best friend, the latter suffers more. I was in that position. I was in a heavy position for the first quarter of 2017.

Shame on me for trusting him too much. I was there for him when he almost gave up on life multiple times, but when it’s time for him to protect our nonsense conversations, he treated me like an ordinary friend he knew yesterday.

It’s clearly a betrayal of trust. Our best friendship was something rare these days but it’s healthier to burn bridges permanently than to trust the wrong person again. RIP Best Friendship!

Luckily, when a window closes, a door opens. Two special moments saved me from toxicity before 2017 ends.

October 7, Davao Convention Center – It’s a Saturday. I was invited by Melanie Nazareno, PTRP (She’s a clinical instructor in Davao Doctors College) to speak in front of 40 families with children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

World CP Day
Facebook Community: World Cerebral Palsy Day PH

It’s my first time to talk in front of a crowd.

Nervous as I was, the moment began (as pictured). I opened the speech with a cordial “Hi” and ended it with the word “Survivor.”

It’s a simple speech overall but in my own little way, I was hopeful my words made a difference, and all dads and moms there would still remember the story I shared one year from now.

October 23, Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH) – My physiatrist wanted me to come to her clinic for a Free Botox Treatment. It’s the long-term treatment for my spastic thighs.

I was with a group of experienced rehab doctors and a physical therapist that night. It’s a delight listening to their discussion. Doctors have this it’s-hard-to-explain ability to satisfy my curiosity even if I’m only listening.

While the cure was injected into my spastic adductors and hamstrings, all I could think of is tennis. I didn’t see myself playing like Rafa after the treatment. It’s unrealistic.

Let’s say I was more daydreaming than expecting. Sounds crazy but this made me calm.

After immunization, my legs were kinda light and 10x less spastic. It felt I have a new pair of 60% Feather-like legs and a bag of concrete was released inside me.

My muscle spasticity will return of course. We’re inseparable but one thing is for sure, my story doesn’t here. The search for a full long-term treatment continues in 2018 and beyond!

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