#Survivor Insights 218: Heroes, Healers, Hustlers – Lesson of The Story (Episode 10)

Episode 10: People talk about people. It’s the inevitable truth. If they can confront you at the right place and time, they’re front stabbers. They can be trusted with your life. If they talk negatively behind your back, they’re back stabbers. Never share the color of your underwear to them even for a nonsense chat. You’ll regret it.

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JP Hilsabeck, 28, California

Episode 11: You have a strong personality if you’re unafraid to speak what’s on your mind. This is something rare that many people are scared of. They neither hate nor dislike you. They are only scared of you; that’s why, they do whatever it takes to knock you down.

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Joe Mena, 34, New York

Photos Courtesy of: CBS

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