Latium Provides A Safer Work Environment | ICO Token Sale Today!

Latium strongly believes decentralization solves the inevitable problems of freelancing. The Latium ecosystem provides a better and safer work environment between employers and employees.

Why Invest in Latium

The second phase of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) begins August 22. There’s a total of 10 million LAT ETH tokens for sale, 2.5 million of which are expected to be in circulation.

WHY INVEST TODAY: Latium Token Sale

Real-time Payment

Latium is a platform protected by blockchain technology. Once you installed this application in your phone, the agreed payment is recorded in a smart contract.

This way, no miscalculations and fraud can happen. Every centavo is counted, recorded and stored.

Better Efficiency

Freelancing jobs can be stressful especially when employers are unresponsive. In Latium platform, the flow of communication runs smoothly. Payment deals and tasks to be completed are discussed before you begin to work.

Use of Cryptocurrency

Employers pay their employees with cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Latium Classic. These virtual money are safer payment options than door-to-door cash delivery and credit card. It can be converted into fiat currency anytime at any day.

Global Transparency

Employers can use the Task Search to find the right employee or group of employees for the right job. The Latium platform allows them to find the candidate with the right skills and experiences. It nearly functions like LinkedIn with a blockchain support.

Why Employers Need To Use Latium

This is an ideal work environment for those companies who outsource 40% of their in-house activities such as search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Better Reputation System

Both the employer and the employee have reputation score displayed on their profile. It’s easier to evaluate one’s strengths and weaknesses objectively.

Easier Task Management

The Latium platform provides a project management board where employers can effectively create new tasks, select the right candidate for each task, upload files, mark completed task and request for payment update.

The task management can handle individual and group projects regardless of the workforce size, whether it’s many to one, one to many or many to many relationship.

Better Profile Management

To get more job offers, you can update your profile avatar and bio. You can add more skills and experiences to convince more employers to hire you.

Introducing: Team Latium

David Johnson is the Founder and CEO. He is accompanied by Matt Carden, the co-founder and COO. Ben Myers is the design and development coordinator. To reach out to them, simply send a message to

“The Latium Platform offers a unique investment opportunity, as far as most ICOs go. Most ICO’s rely solely on speculation to drive value. Latium is different because the tokens will be used in exchange for labor. This, in tandem with the limited supply, creates additional demand beyond pure speculation.”

Invest now: Latium Token Sale

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