Rivetz Introduces Decentralized Cybersecurity | ICO Token Sale Today!

Mobile security has never been this good! Thanks to Rivetz. It makes use of decentralization to protect your mobile payments and other transactions. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) began August 10.

Every one with a smartphone is encouraged to join the public crowdsale before it ends on September 10. Tokens will be sold for Ethereum. There’s a total of 200 million RvT tokens in supply, 70 million of which is available for token sale.


World-class Security

It is a mobile built-in hardware application. Once installed, you’re subscribed to its array of cyber security services. The blockchain technology protects all your transactions.

This app is a need for those who actively shop online. Rivetz removes the feeling of impulse shopping while feeling paranoid all at the same time. This application protects your buying details all day and all night long.

No Third Party

Gone are the days of giving personal details in different sources. With Rivetz, you can make sure every transaction is safely guarded by the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). You’re allowed to check the status of a device before opening a task.

Multi-factor Authentication

It’s not enough to have a password. The app develops a two factor authentication (2FA). It means when you input a personal information such as your contact number or email address, you’ll receive a One-Time Passcode. You need to input this code before logging-in.

You need this app when you’re a new or existing investor who constantly check the market fluctuation. Regular monitoring becomes a good hobby especially when there are no external threats.

Safe E-commerce

There are advanced cybersecurity controls that protect e-commerce transactions. You can also configure these controls based on your preference.

If you’re an e-commerce site owner, you need Rivetz to assure all buying and selling activities are secured round the clock. Various companies and consumers will feel more confident when closing deals with you.

Secured Cryptocurrency Wallets

All private credentials such as key codes, home address and contact numbers are protected whether for online or offline transactions. This way, the level of paranoia in you remains low.

If you support cryptocurrency, the app solves your security problems. Cryptocurrency is the future of money and when it’s about money, you need to have the best wallets that no malware and hacker can go in.

Machine Multisig

You’re allowed to use a multisignature wallet for better protection. It’s required, however, to be approved by the Rivetz Cybersecurity Controller (RCC) in the Trust Execution Environment (TEE). Upon signed request, the RCC also approves the token with a real-time health test and health hash.

Then, the cybersecurity controller shall process the transaction and shall use the resulting data to authorize your transaction with your chosen token. This is delivered it to the service for execution.

Introducing: Team Rivertz

Steven Sprague is the CEO and co-founder of Rivetz. He studied the cybersecurity business for years and mastered its technical foundation. Watch his interviews below and you can tell he can articulately translate the computing concepts into layman’s terms.

“Since my introduction to Blockchain in 2013, it’s been clear that Blockchain technology and trusted computing have the potential to provide the global infrastructure to enable billions of trusted computing devices already in circulation with built-in decentralized cyber security.”

“We’ve invested and built the foundations to realize that vision. Rivetz believes that the launch of the RvT token and RvT powered services will provide a decentralized operational and economic model to boost the adoption of built-in security controls.”

Steven Sprague is joined by software developers, business consultants and advisors. To reach out to them, you can send a mail to sales@rivetzintl.com or thoroughly read their FAQ for more information.

If you’re wondering how the Rivetz app works, kindly watch the overview video after the link.

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