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Cargo shipment gets three-times better as the International Multi Modal Logistics Application (IMMLA) aims to provide a decentralized control system over transportation, document workflow and payments.


As of the writing, IMMLA pre-initial coin offering is on-going. It began its pre-ICO on July 15 and ends in July 30, 2017. IMMLA looks forward to raise $500,000 before its full-pledge ICO will begin on September.

Their base currency is ETH, abbreviation for ethereum – which is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin.

What is IMMLA

IMMLA is an abbreviation for International Multi Modal Logistics Application. Its mission is to build a smoother and smarter management system that makes it easy for a cargo owner and transportation vehicles to connect.

Team IMMLA makes use of blockchain and smart contract technology to preserve the clear and uninterrupted line of communication during the entire process of transportation.

This process eliminates the problem of trust, information barriers and legal costs.

Benefits of IMMLA

A research reveals that there is a loss of eight to 30 billion USD in transport and logistics alone. There are also transport delays. IMMLA wants to end these problems once and for all.

Team IMMLA is a league of experts in information technology and logistics. The team believes in the power of technology that allows them to monitor the every stage of delivery. All the parameters are checked, from cargo damage to delivery time and from cargo location to delivery route.

Other benefits of using an IMMLA service are:

  • Easy Mobile Registration

Put an end to those days of searching for a trusted cargo delivery. IMMLA makes registration an easy routine. It’s an application; therefore, it’s as easy as one-two-three.

  • Well-documented Transportation

Paranoia days are over. IMMLA makes sure the goods are handled with professional care. The team uses a technology to document the travel time. The cargo transportation is strictly monitored from the request time until the closing deal.

  • Smart Contract and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency saves the day. This digital currency goes directly to a smart contract, which allows the user to manage and collect information about the cargo location and condition. All actions between parties are recorded in a blockchain, which is a distributed database secured by a peer-to-peer network.

  • Reduce Hidden Damage

Less risk is a priority. The line of communication starts the moment the cargo is carried into the vehicle. The shipment chain can take days but rest assured, the risk of damage is minimal.

  • Payment Standardization

All payments are discussed as a request order is opened. There will be price and contract management; therefore, expect no hidden and additional fees.

IMMLA ICO: Token Sale

Introducing: Team IMMLA

Mikhail Astakhov is the Founder. For more than 10 years, Mikhail considers himself an expert in the field of international logistics. He was once executive vice president for strategy and staff in the international transport holding Global Transport Investments.

Kirill Tulenev is the Executive Director. Kirill’s years of experience in international agency service of navigable lines makes him the best candidate for the position. In the early days, he began as an оperative specialist of representative office at K-Line/Kess then he became the managing director of United Arab Shipping Company in Russia.

Viacheslav Neunyvakin is the IT Director. He is also the co-founder of the project. He is well-known as the author and developer of system of automation of transport, logistic and customs activity in Logismart. This said activity created more than 2000 workplaces with 60 industry enterprises.

Vitaliy Sosnovskiy is the Senior Developer. He’s a specialist in filing an array of great information. He is well-known for being the author of processing and recognizing documentary scan copies.

Vitaliy Stepanov is the Development Director. He owns more than 15 years of experience in custom logistics and information technology.

Other members of the team are: Ninel Tufino-Gerlakas is the Leading Analyst. Valeria Rasulova is the ICO Project Manager. Denis Smirnov is the Blockchain Advisor.

How IMMLA Operates

The IMMLA operation process is easy to understand. We position ourselves in between the cargo owner and freight carrier. Our operation begins when someone contacts us and e open a request order.

There will be a brief auction to determine the best possible rates. Then, we forward the request to a freight carrier. The two parties will launch a smart contract.

As what Mikhail Astakhov has said, “Initially, a client puts into the service information about the necessity to deliver a specific cargo from one place to another at a specific time. Further along, the platform, through the use of statistical and forecast data, provides the client with a price point for such service and an approximate delivery plan. If the client is satisfied with the basic conditions of the offer, then he places an order for a proposal formation.”

The smart contract records all the essential information during the entire delivery period. Other parameters recorded are current cargo condition, location of the delivery and emergency calls.

Finally, confirming documents are signed once the carrier arrives at the location. Checking documents are released before clearing off.

Why Invest in IMMLA-ICO

Before the top reasons, let’s hear from the founder himself as why he decided to put IMMLA in initial coin offering. Once in ICO, it means IMMLA aims to raise funds for a new cryptocurrency venture.

In this project, the team goes for ethereum – a blockchain-based distributed computing platform.

Reason 1: Confidentiality and reliability

Cargo shipment becomes a pain in the ass these days. IMMLA system gives payment guarantees to both parties. Both the sender and receiver of the cargo would feel confident that their cargo stays in good hands while the carrier feels fully protected by the terms and conditions.

Reason 2: It saves money

Cryptocurrency saves the world from delays. All pre-shipment IMMLA transactions are paid in tokens. There is no cash or credit cards involved. Therefore, a cargo owner who can receive a high rating within the system will save its current assets.

Reason 3: It makes life easier

There are no secrets with this type of service. Life becomes safer as the full transportation history is thoroughly recorded in a secured database. Are these enough to convince you to make a contribution? Please do.


If you want updates, just follow IMMLA Tweets. Or, send them a mail at

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