DDC Psych Circle Batch 2006 Celebrates Reunion 2016

After weeks of planning, the psychology graduates of Davao Doctors College Batch 2006 celebrated their reunion in World Palace KTV in Davao City.

ddc reunion-2016

Only five arrived but nobody cares. All of us had fun. Reunion wasn’t all about the quantity of attendees but it’s more about the quality of the moment shared together ten years after the graduation.

We made things happen not only by words but both in words and actions. It’s raining too that night. It’s cold especially inside the Outer Space room. However, as people say, the show must go on.


Three of them were even busy moms – namely Ella, Dorreen and Hazel. Two of the mentioned had three kids. For the meantime, they left them with their yayas at home to celebrate. Hats-off to you, moms!

As for Mitchell, he clearly wanted to finally marry the girl of his dreams to settle down. And there’s Dean. Woah, he’s a smiling kid. Jeez, at 32, he’s still holding a toy made for kids 28 years younger than him lol.

‘Til the next time, Sigmund Freuds. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY 2017!

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