#Survivor Insights 182: Millennials vs. Gen X – My Early Favorites

New season. New format. New faces. Survivor opens its 33rd season with 20 new names divided into two different generations.

It’s the Millennials (early 1980s to early 2000s) against the Generation X (mid 1960s to early 80s).

From top left: Justin, Michaela, Adam, Figgy, Michelle, Will, Hannah, Taylor, Mari and Zeke

Here in the Philippines, the new season premieres on Thursday, September 22nd in Jack TV.

From top left: Lucy, Ken, Chris, Jessica, Rachel, CeCe, David, Paul, Sunday and Brett

Then, there’s this question. Who are my early favorites?

I decided to pick 4 early favorites. Two from each tribe, one male and one female. I have no ideas and clues what will happen; therefore, I’ll take a smart guess based on what I’ve read on their bios.

Last season, I have only one early favorite in the jury. That’s a first since season three. I’m hopeful Survivor gods will stay nice this time and I’ll get luckier with my choices.

Lets begin with…

VANUA (Millennials)

Will Wahl is an 18-year-old high school student from Long Valley, New Jersey.


He’s the youngest person to join the show, which is interesting to see how he delivers. Will he choose to be cunning? Adaptable? Dynamic? Or, a combination of the three?


I’m taking the risk to choose Will over Justin. He’s younger. Probably, he needs more experiences to understand how the world works. However, being young isn’t always a weakness. Somehow, there are creative ways to convert a weakness into a strength. If young remains a weakness, he can still use it to survive physical suffering and social politics.


Michaela Bradshaw is a 25-year-old Vacation Club sales agent from Fort Worth, Texas.


She describes herself as intelligent, fun and competitive. Will she play a game similar to Tasha Fox? Or, be as competitive as Kelley Wentworth? Or, be as fearless as Natalie Anderson who won San Juan Del Sur?


I sense a clear trace of maturity while reading Michaela’s biography. She survives the detours of life. She’s experienced. Yet, I can’t stop doubting how she’ll get along with nineteen other strangers with different personalities.


TAKALI (Generation X)

Ken McNickle is a 33-year-old model from Denver, Colorado.


He decided to join the show to win. He believes he owns the right mix of outdoor skills and physical attributes like Ozzy Lusth to outwit, outplay and outlast.


Ken is the youngest among the Gen-X men and interestingly, I see myself in him considering I’m only one year younger than him. The difference is I’m not a model. He is. Therefore, I seem to expect him to use the law of attraction to stick with the right numbers. However, flirting has its limits. What will Ken do to adjust to the layers of threats against him?


Sunday Burquest is a 45-year-old youth pastor from Ostego, Minnesota.


She sees herself a lot like Lisa Whelchel from Survivor Philippines. They’re both moms. They’re both motherly. Question is: how will her tribe accept her bossiness? How will she play it to her advantage?


Apart from Lisa, Sunday reminds me of Kathy (Survivor Marquesas). I can seem to sense her strong desire to take risks and win. Little by little, she might get whatever she wants considering the drive to prove something big for herself. She survived breast cancer, why not Survivor?


Photos Courtesy of: CBS

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