10 Reasons Why I Love #BridgesOfLove

  1. It’s a love story like no other.

ABSCBN Bridges of Love

Bridges of Love is a soap opera written by Star Creatives TV. The story began with two young brothers (Gael and JR) who left home to escape an abusive father. Unfortunately, Gael was too young to support their day-to-day needs. An unexpected tragedy happened the night he sold JR. The young brother fell from a broken bridge.

Years passed by, JR escaped death by selling himself to a rich businessman, Lorenzo Antonio. JR became Carlos Antonio and he graduated as a construction engineer. Gael, on the other hand, became a licensed architect despite of money problems. His life completely changed when he fell in love with Mia Sandoval, a beautiful and independent woman who worked as a star dancer in a club owned by the Antonio’s.

The story evolved around the three major characters – Gael, Mia and Carlos. Mia became Gael’s girlfriend but inevitably, they broke up when Gael left the country. Mia felt hopeless when her Tatang needed a kidney transplant. She had no one but her boss, Carlos Antonio.

Carlos took advantage of the situation. He helped Mia but in exchange of a deal. Mia should make love with his business client, Henson Lee. Carlos, however, changed his mind. He realized Mia was more than a woman for one night pleasure. She’s the one who will complete him.

Their story was troubled with hundreds of twists and turns. Gael began working with Carlos for a number of projects. Carlos discovered Gael was his long lost brother. Mia felt confused and couldn’t understand why Carlos despised Gael. She felt it’s more than a love triangle thing.

2. Superb cast. Quality acting.

Bridges of Love is an all-star soap opera. Every actor is given a significant background story and airtime. I observe there are no clear villains here. These “perceived” bad characters such as Carlos, Lorenzo and Alexa are only victims of their tragic past who find it hard to move on and forgive.

The first major character is Gael Nakpil. He’s a hard working survivor portrayed by 2012 Gawad Urian Best Actor (Alagwa), Jericho Rosales. Paulo Avelino portrays the role of Carlos Antonio, a rich businessman who is consumed by anger, hurt and power. Avelino was a 2011 Gawad Urian Best Actor for “Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa.” Maja Salvador (2011’s Gawad Urian Best Actress for Thelma) proves to be a right fit for Mia Sandoval, the star dancer who eventually becomes a well-known accessory designer.

Other stars include Edu Manzano (Lorenzo Antonio), Carmina Villaroel (Alexa Meyers), Lito Pimentel (Manual Nakpil Sr.), William Lorenzo (Ramon Sandoval), Maureen Mauricio (Marilen Nakpil), Malou de Guzman (Manang Vida) and John Manalo (Tres Nakpil).

3. I see myself in Gael.

I felt what Gael felt for Mia. It’s the kind of love that’s infinite, selfless and unconditional even though it means he needs to let go. In my case, we’re good friends before I asked her if she could be my girlfriend. She said no.

I respected her decision. I moved on but I still felt hurt and jealous whenever I see her with my best friend or with another man. When she told me she’s getting married, I knew our story ended. It’s enough. I love her and I’m letting go of everything.

4. Every scene is a must-see.

I don’t watch soap operas. I hate it and the story is predictable. Bridges of Love, however, changes the way I see things. It becomes the first Filipino soap opera I’ve consistency looked forward to every night. I rarely missed an episode.

The scenes get better and better. Although I notice some traces of predictability, I never lost my interest. The show entertains me after a long day work.

5. It’s a story about forgiveness.

It’s expected for soap operas to tell a story filled with over-the-top drama, violence and sex. There were numerous scenes of extreme violence in Bridges of Love. Yet, beneath all those violent layers, the show was about forgiveness.

Carlos was consumed by anger. At first, I was convinced he never loved Mia. I noticed Mia was his rehabilitation center. She was his source of happiness and comfort when in reality, she’s not.

Carlos felt unsure about his love for Mia because he hated himself. There were a lot of missing pieces inside him and he doesn’t know how to find his identity. Below is a scene to prove it’s impossible to unconditionally love someone if you can’t forgive yourself.

6. Bridges of Love goes beyond sex.

Mia Sandoval was introduced in the show as the club star dancer. She became the center of attention every night. She was judged and labeled. However, Mia proved everyone wrong. Temptations never hammered Mia. She stayed strong and she said no to offers even it’s from Carlos Antonio. Below is a scene to prove it takes grit to admit money can’t buy everything.

7. It’s a story about letting go.

Gael makes me realize nothing lasts forever. It’s my favorite scene when Gael decides to talk with Mia and admits he needs to let go. Memories don’t vanish but feelings do change. Letting go allows you to open a new chapter in life and start fresh.

8. It’s a story about acceptance

Acceptance is inevitable. It takes time but it happens naturally. Like Carlos Antonio, it took him more than twenty years to reveal how he’s deeply hurt by Gael. The show reached its climax during the confrontation scene between Carlos, Mia and Gael. Mia remained silent all throughout but it looked like she created an invisible bridge to connect the two brothers.

9. Explosive Predictable Ending

I was disappointed with the finale edit. It looked like the scenes were merged into one episode instead of two. The opening scenes were explosive. Lorenzo tried to kill Mia but Gael and Carlos ran to save the girl they love. Unexpectedly, Gael was drenched in blood.

I expected the tone to last for a few more minutes but I wasn’t sure why the next scene was forwarded to what it seemed like a Gael after his years of hospitalization.

The tree scene between Carlos and Mia was my favorite. It’s the sincerest and most insightful talk between the two. I discovered Carlos was a complete change man. I’d never forget when he admitted his mistakes, “I know I promised the sunrise and sunsets with you for the rest of our lives. Pero hindi pala ‘yon sapat. Sa takot ko na mawala ka, tinuring kitang pagmamay-ari (ABS-CBNNews, 2015).”

Hopefully, the show ended with that scene but it’s still okay the production crew chose to close with a wedding scene with all the major and supporting characters. It showed Gael found his true love in Atty. Malaya (portrayed by Isabel Oli-Prats). Mia, on the other hand, returned from the US and continued her romance with Carlos.

10. It’s a story about friendship.

Real friendship never ends. Muloy Angeles, portrayed by Janus del Prado, summarizes how you can be a true friend. If there’s anyone in the show I want to become and be remembered for, that’s Muloy.

Despite of every thing they went through, either they agree or disagree with each other, Muloy never gave up on Carlos. He stayed patient, open-minded and supportive of Carlos’ decisions. There’s one brave scene, however, Muloy chose to break the walls and stood for what he felt was right for his best friend.

Photo Courtesy of: ABS-CBN News

26 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Love #BridgesOfLove

  1. personally I was disappointed with the finale, mia should have married Gael because they deserved each other. that was so disappointing.


  2. they are condoning rape!! No one who takes DESERVES A SEVOND CHANCE !! no means NO the message here doesn’t stamd out! VERY DISAPPOINTED!


    • I’m sorry if you interpret it that way. I know Carlos Antonio did horrible things such as raping Mia, buying people, etc. Yet, he was only a rich human being who couldn’t understand himself. I adored Mia for choosing to forgive him. It wasn’t easy but it’s still possible. It’s a clear sign she loves him unconditionally.


  3. I personally have never been into an opera like this Jericho Rosales was my all time favorite actor but paulo Avelino coming into the scene I dint know who to side with… I was just disappointed with Carlos when he took advantage of mia >>though it’s part of the show.. I love bridges of love all the way…its airing in Kenya ryt now at episode 84


  4. A heart breaking episode…. Mia belonged to Gael not Carlos…..I thought love is best remembered during poverty not during richness.. and its worth fighting for…


  5. Am so disappointed with the final episode cz Mia en Gael deserved each other the fact that he dd fight fo Mia n da beginning and was almost killed cz of ha Bt thn she ends up with Carlos?? T was such a disappointment. Bt Ts ok. Jst love Jericho Rosales


  6. by da way I luv Gael, Antonio n mia they are da best of mi especially Gael when he was shot by lorenzo bcz of mia in fact I really truly cried Gael is very caring I luv that, Jr is really a don’t care , mia being confused of whom to choose I like that. I wish to see them n congrat them by hugging I like that


  7. I hate the fact that mia ended up with carlos ,I mean after everything gael had to go through for her,she goes goes and ends up with carlos ,it’s really disappointing. I for one thinks mia and Gael belongs together,so to the directors,I do not like the way it ended and because of this I and my siblings have lost interest. That is my opinion.


    • I consider it a different unusual ending than poor ending. Love changes over time. Unexpected things happen beyond our control. Realistically, this includes Gael not being with Mia. Gael loves Mia, it’s unconditional, even if it means she’ll love Carlos for the rest of her life.


  8. mennnn, gosh I don’t know what this soap opera has done to me. I literally hate soap operas or ain’t got the time. been watching jericho rosales since I was a kid back home in Ghana. his parts in series such as timeless,the promise were good but bridges of love beats them all. Im currently in the states watching bridges of love and according to u guys gael didnt marry mia , well that’s disappointing.


  9. and I’ve got to add this, the song in bridges of love is amazing. I’ll try not to sing it in public then I don’t get stares at me lol…I’m crazy with this movie and the philipines


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