LOST The Final Season: Confusing Revelations

Lost. It’s not a great story. It’s an extraordinary fiction of survival.

Lost The Final Season
Photo Courtesy of: ABC

1. I know. The series ended in May 2010 and I’ve just seen the complete season finale a week ago. S6E18: I wasn’t crazy about the island ending. I accepted the truth Jack died as a hero but how come the likes of Kate, Sawyer and Claire survived? It’s something I didn’t expect.

2. I realized it’s the smartest way of ending a fiction drama filled with layers of questions. It didn’t reveal too much. Instead, its ending still asked a question left unanswered.

I realized the island was a special place. If it’s not special, there’s no way Jacob would find candidates to protect it. What I didn’t understand, Jacob wouldn’t allow his twin to leave the island but he’s protecting the place from his twin. Why?

3. I get it. LOST The Final Season followed a unique format. It introduced flash-sideways, which asked the question “What if… Oceanic 815 never crashed?”

The flash sideways showed how the characters interconnect without the island. It confused me though when these main characters began to have deja vu.

I asked myself again. Am I watching a flashback? Considering these survivors survived and these sideways were their past memories. Granted, they only remembered it. Question is: Why Dr. Jack Shepard is alive?

4. In the flash sideways ending, the main characters were gathered inside the church. They attended the wake of Christian Shepard, Jack’s dad. It confused me, why Jack realized he’s dead too?

5. Supposed to be, the series of island events were more complicated than the series of events in flash-sideways. Jack died “on the island.”

Jack was alive in flash-sideways but it went most complicated when Jack knew he died while talking to his dead father. What happened?

CONCLUSION: Maybe, it’s either I’ll need to re-watch the six seasons all over again or I’ll move on. Which is which?

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