SURVIVOR Insights 165: SJDS – Where Did Jeremy Go Wrong? (Episode 9)

Episode 9: 9.85 Million Viewers

There were no major flaws in Jeremy’s game. He played a clear-cut controlled game that could have helped him get into the Final 4. He got the numbers since Episode 1, the tribe switch in Episode 5 never troubled him and he escaped the hot seat in Episode 8 by winning the second individual immunity challenge against Josh.

jeremy eliminated in survivor san juan del sur

So, why did Jeremy become the second member of the jury? Below are the possible reasons:

Reason 1: Unnecessary Move Results to Failure. Jeremy’s alliance began to break when he asked Jon about the hidden immunity necklace. It’s completely an unnecessary move. It’s clear these two men don’t trust each other well. They’re former Hunahpu members, yes. Jon saved Baylor instead of Josh, yes – but it doesn’t mean Jon would be 100% loyal to Jeremy. Therefore, why bother ask if instinctively Jeremy knew Jon found it?

Reason 2: Unnecessary Move Results to Paranoia. As a result of the confrontation between Jon and Jeremy, Jon immediately felt threatened. He felt Jeremy attempted to ambush his kingdom. That’s why; before things went downhill for him, Jon protected himself by forming a new circle of alliance (Missy, Baylor, Reed and of course, Jaclyn) to stop Jeremy.

Reason 3: Defense Is The Best Offense. Jeremy might have forgotten to include this rule in his game plan. It looked like his main strategy was to attack without controlling the errors. Truth is; it’s hard to blame Jon for blindsiding Jeremy. Jon chose to play defensively and that’s the right strategy at that moment.

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