SURVIVOR Insights 164: SJDS – Where Did Josh Go Wrong? (Episode 8)

Episode 8: 9.51 Million Viewers

Josh played a memorable game for Blood vs. Water 2 even if he wasn’t the alpha male nor the social schemer of the season. He managed to sit right in the middle for six consecutive episodes before someone found a way to overpower his authority. By one deciding vote, Josh became the first jury member for the following reasons:

Survivor San Juan Del Sur Josh

Reason 1: No Protection. Josh needed to win the immunity necklace for this episode. He only needed to answer one question correctly and he’s safe. However, things got unpredictable. Jeremy outplayed him in a memory challenge.

Reason 2: Triple Threat. Apart from the male alliance, every one perceived Josh as a threat. He’s a fan of the show. He’s socially-likable. Lastly, he thinks and talks intelligently. With his superb ability to plan and convert the plan into action, he might even win.

Reason 3: Breakable Relationship. Josh worked hard to secure the support of Jon and Jaclyn. He almost made it. The biggest problem was, almost means not enough.

Jaclyn changed her mind after all the “chauvinism” drama in the camp. She followed her instinct and switched her loyalty to Jeremy, Missy, Baylor and Natalie. Josh’s hope for survival immediately disappeared because Jon, as expected, would follow what Jaclyn wanted.

Reason 4: One Vote Failure. Jaclyn was clearly sitting in the power position because of her boyfriend, Jon. They’re inseparable and strategic-wise, they’re threats. In Episode 5 and 6, they’re the reason why Kelley was eliminated followed by her dad, Dale.

That’s why, until now, I don’t understand why Josh hadn’t realized that it only take one vote to separate the couple. It might have worked should he, Reed, Keith, Wes, Alec and someone from the other side blindsided Jaclyn. No one would have an idea it’s coming.

Photo Courtesy of: CBS

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