SURVIVOR Insights 162: SJDS – Where Did The Father & Daughter Go Wrong (Episodes 5 & 6)

Episode 5: 9.11 Million Viewers

It’s difficult to write something about Kelley when the edit only showed bits and pieces of her. In Episode 4, Drew perceived her as a social threat, maybe yes, but it might have been better if these bits and pieces of airtime revealed a Kelley who was an active strategist and not only as an under-the-radar supporting character of the story. As I see it, Kelley was eliminated for the following reasons:

The New Coyopa Tribe in Survivor San Juan Del Sur

Reason 1: Tribe Swap. Kelley became a new member of the Coyopa tribe along with her dad and two other pairs (Jon & Jaclyn, Missy & Baylor) plus Keith. The switch negatively changed Kelley’s game considering her original alliance was left at Hunahpu’s. She tried to build a new alliance with Jon and Jaclyn but it failed. Kelley was a threat in Jaclyn’s game. Jaclyn took a calculated risk and chose to side with Missy and Baylor to vote Kelley out.

Reason 2: Hopeless. Sometimes, things were out of control even how you try. That’s how I summarized Kelley’s overall game. She tried to save herself. She understood the possibilities and made a number of things happen. The new numbers, however, were against her. She allowed Jon and Jaclyn to destroy her kingdom before she could destroy theirs.

Episode 6: 9.07 Million Viewers

Indeed, this was the first Blood vs. Water season in which a pair was eliminated in back-to-back episodes. Dale failed to recover and was voted out before the merge.

Reason 1: Inflexible. Dale played an inflexible strategic game. He continued to make deals with people who eliminated her daughter. I was confused why. Perhaps, Dale felt he couldn’t trust Missy and Baylor at all and would rather assume he could change Jon’s mind.

Reason 2: Fake Idol = Failure. The strategy of having immunity idol was already overused. It won’t worked anymore. It’s a bad lie too. I remembered even Russel Hantz never used the strategy to save himself way back in Heroes vs. Villains.

Photo Courtesy of: CBS

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