Survivor Insights 147: Caramoan – Shut Up! (Episode 2)

THE UNEXPECTED: This is crazy. I seriously didn’t see it coming. Even after Laura suggested to eliminate Allie, I still thought it’s Shamar who’d go home. When Probst read the votes at 4-4, I still assumed it’s still Shamar. I was hoping for something good but when the final vote was read and it wasn’t Shamar, poof, I simply out of words to describe how it felt. Unfortunately, I’m also down to my 5 first impression bets.

Allie is Hot

ALLIE IS HOT, that’s the truth, and I don’t even care if she flirted with Reynold. The flirting won’t change the truth anyway.

I have not seen enough of Allie – that’s the other sad truth. Even her moment of going against Corrine and Malcolm in last week’s pilot wasn’t enough. All her confessionals were average and geez, I couldn’t remember something special.

Truth hurts, yes, and I can no longer do anything to change the entire episode. It hurts saying it but I have to – Bye Allie.

There are still twelve episodes I’ll need to watch and I’m moving on. I’m staying positive for the season and I still sense one positive light in all of these, I’m going to remember Allie as a bigger threat than Eddie and Hope. Those six-people in alliance which composed of Sherri, Laura, Julia, Matt, Michael and Shamar were, for clear reasons, couldn’t vote out Reynold, who was seriously playing a game too. He wants to win it and it’s hard blaming him for not giving the idol to Allie.

THE BAD: The NEW “Stealth R Us Alliance” was born! It consisted of Phillip as The Specialist, Cochran as The Intelegencia Attaché, Malcolm as The Enforcer, Andrea as The Eliminator, Corrine as The Dominatrix and Dawn as The True Grit.

I was laughing hard while watching this scene. Yes, it’s good for ratings. It’s absolutely funny. Strategy-wise, I don’t know. Was it a bad moment for Phillip to label the members of his “Stealth R Us” alliance? Was it necessary? Was it all for fun? Or, was it annoying for some who are not part of it?

THE GOOD: All the luck in the world went to Bikal. There were some moments of camp drama. Dawn was hurt and Brandon kept repeating to himself he can play this game just like his uncle. Yet, all those drama were out the window during the combined reward-immunity challenge. The favorites were unstoppable. They played the challenge beyond what physical strength and power could do. They chose the right people for each stage (plunge, pull and pop) and they made sure these people excel in what they would do.

THE STANDOUT: Edit-wise, it’s nice to see the Fans lost. It’s their moment to determine who’s playing smart and who’s playing just to have fun. Clearly, by finding the hidden immunity idol without a clue, Reynold was all in serious business. He may have not escaped Laura’s observant eyes yet,  he found himself in a position in which he got the ability to bring the game to another level.

Laura talking with Sherri

Laura played her card by eliminating Allie. That still hurts but it’s brilliant. I could sense Laura felt confident that she’s with the numbers and she thought it’s the right time for her to step up.

the cool kids

MY EPISODE RATING: 10 of 10 stars!

Photos courtesy of: CBS

3 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 147: Caramoan – Shut Up! (Episode 2)

  1. Never thought they were cool, and was hard to even THINK they were REAL fans…..even if I was a HOT hardbody, I wouldn’t cozy up with a hot body opposite sex cause they get voted out. Couples are a threat as started by Rob and Amber. You would think hard core fans would know this and avoid it like the plague. Reynold was likely wise to announce the idol and smart to NOT play it. Why arent any FAVES looking for their idol? Phillip was entertaining, but tooooo scripted and rehearsed. Wishing the rest of the faves would get more airtime, but normally those who last long into the season don’t get a lot of early airtime. Hopefully this will be true for Phillip. Even tho he would be a great one to sit next to at the end, I’ve had my fill of him and his ROBisms. They are setting Brandon up for something again. Loved the premiere, but second episode was disappointing for me. I look forward to next week’s episode and your next blog!!! 🙂


    • Thanks a lot for you comment @LoriMartin

      Phillip is crazy and funny all at the same time. His moment of introducing his Stealth R Us alliance with his made-up titles was ridiculous – the one I can remember three or five year from now.


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