Survivor Insights 146: Caramoan – Game of Gut Instinct (Pilot)

EPISODE QUOTE: “My role in the first few days is really impression management.” – Malcolm

Caramoan Fans

THE GOOD: The opening few scenes were a masterpiece. Fans were traveling by water while the Favorites were up in the air, sitting comfortably in a helicopter – treated like Kings & Queens. When Probst began calling each Favorite, it appeared like they’re the new versions of themselves.

It’s surprising Corrine was all smiles. She didn’t look like a bitch like the one I saw in Survivor Gabon Finale. Brenda, as expected, was introduced as the hottest castaway in the group -the exact way Parvati was introduced in Micronesia. The moment Brenda stepped outside to meet her tribe, she was immediately labeled as the dangerous flirt – who can spread virus when she stays longer.

As for Malcolm, it’s an advantage for him he wasn’t well-recognized by the Fans. I assumed they didn’t saw him play the previous season so they got no enough information how good his game is. Truth is; this was a “New Malcolm.”

Apart from the challenges, I haven’t heard anything loud from him. He still had the confessionals (for rating purposes) but all in all, it appeared his game was simply to go along with the group. He still felt like he needed to study a lot of angles before moving forward.

Malcolm’s game was tested when he played against Reynold – a thirty-year-old salesman from California. Reynold almost outstrength Malcolm. He could have won another point for his tribe yet Malcolm played like a beast. He stayed in the moment, waited before attacking and poof, Favorites won the first reward challenge.

Caramoan Favorites

THE BAD: Favorites were expected to be great strategists but it doesn’t mean they’re unbeatable. In the First Immunity Challenge, Fans’ comeback victory showed how mentally prepared they were. Thanks to Reynold and he remained calm in tossing those bags in the holes.

Fans’ downfall was the “flirt” alliance among Eddie, Hope, Reynold and Allie. Three of these names were my first impression bets so I’m basically afraid for their lives. I completely understood the logic behind “lust affairs” and I’m not against of those. It’s good TV, right? What I’m worried about was they’re creating a wonderland of their own and they must have forgotten they’re playing a numbers-game.

Flirt Alliance Eddie Hope Reynold Allie

The flirt alliance still needs to recruit two members and it seems things were getting late. Michael was talking with Matt about possibilities yet the decision to which side they give their loyalty to remained uncertain. Will they go with the flirt alliance?

Francesca out again firstTHE UNLUCKIEST: Just the pilot episode of FvF II and history was instantly made. Francesca became the first castaway who was eliminated first in back-to-back seasons she’s in. The sadder news was, there’s no redemption island to save her. Once out, go home!

Pity on her. She seemed playing a more controlled game and was almost going in the right direction. Her only biggest mistake was believing in Brandon’s idea to blindside Andrea, which was totally impulsive and wasn’t making sense. It seems, to me, Francesca was losing enough time to control the situation and she took the risk even without cementing a solid-six-alliance.

Brandon’s idea was too ambitious. He targeted someone who’s less of a threat than Phillip, who’s putting himself in a leadership dictator-like role. With all seriousness, this situation reminded me of his immature behavior in South Pacific. Back then, he kept blaming Mikayla for everything when in fact he’s the one who felt horny.

I felt extremely sorry for Francesca. If not for Brandon, she might have passed the third day.

THE STAND-OUT: Strength-wise, Reynold was the one to watch for. He was Malcolm’s competition. In his alliance, he looks like a villain – ready to back stab anyone to get far.

The heart-to-heart talk between Dawn and Cochran was a stand-out moment in the episode. To my surprise, it wasn’t the mother-and-son talk that I expected. Dawn was seriously playing a whole different game and Cochran openly obeyed the plan.

Reynold vs Malcolm

MY EPISODE RATING: 8 of 10 stars!

Photos courtesy of: CBS

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