Survivor Insights 144: Who’s the Hottest Sole Survivor?

We use the term “HOT” to describe a very warm weather, a person who’s very talented and not to be forgotten, we say “HOT” each time we saw an “eye-candy” on streets or in TV.

Survivor is a reality competition show that started in 2000. More than twelve years passed and I couldn’t remember a season that the show recruited or accepted someone who isn’t HOT. These people are hot in different ways and they make the show three-times interesting. They are “ratings,” they inspire us to get in shape and admit it, you fantasize about them too (whether they’re in their twenty’s, thirty’s or even twice older than your age).

As of the moment, Survivor already had twenty-four winners. Twenty-four people who outwitted, outplayed and outlasted other HOT castaways and win million dollars. The question now is: who’s the hottest of them all?

The Tribe Has Spoken!

As of January 6, 2013 (5:31 PM), the hottest sole survivor (of all and in women) is Parvati Shallow who receives 25.97% of votes. Aras Baskauskas came second but #1 in men, receiving 11.69% of votes.

NOTE: The above poll won’t be closed so just keep voting. Anything can still happen after a year or so.

hottest sole survivor
Photos Courtesy of: JustJared, FanPop

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