Survivor Insights 141: Who’ll Win Survivor Philippines? (Episode 13)

There were no shocking moments for Episode 13. Things went as expected and as predicted, Abi-Maria became the seventh jury member. The finale episode is coming tomorrow and only one question is left unanswered. Who will win?

Survivor Philippines Final 4

Is it Malcolm? He won his second straight immunity necklace coming from behind. He’s dead last in the puzzle but pushed himself beyond his limits, remained calm and win. Without a doubt, this was Malcolm’s most impressive moment of the episode and I’ll be extremely shock if he can’t win another necklace to guarantee a spot in the Final 3. Anything can happen, yes, but it seems Malcolm was unstoppable for two consecutive episodes. He really wanted to win and he expects himself to win.

Too much expectations can be dangerous. It’s unhealthy and I can’t wait to see how he’ll handle things. Winning Chances: 51-49

Is it Denise? Her health was put at risk this episode. An unknown creature bit her neck and she was crying in much pain. She was also close to being voted-out again. Thank God, Michael and Lisa kept her over Abi. Denise deserves to stay, that’s already given. Everybody knows it. Even I who’s having regrets for not picking her as one of my first-impression bets wanted her to win. I want her to win not mainly because she deserve it but more because she made history. Denise became the ever first survivor who went to every Tribal Council since Day 1. This isn’t simply a great achievement – it’s another extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime moment, isn’t it?

If she’ll not win, I’ll get upset and it will take days for me to get over with her lost. Whatever is the amount she’ll bring home minus taxes, it will surely be a big help for her private practice. Winning Chances: 51-49, I sense the other three would get rid of her should Malcolm win his third consecutive necklace.

Is it Lisa? She started this game so slow and I couldn’t give an exact word to describe her overall strategy. All her cut-throat plans went south yet she’s still standing tall and in a good shape for Final Three or Final Two. Correct me if I’m wrong but Lisa is arguably one of the luckiest players who stayed longer. Her story reminded me of Tina Wesson (Australian Outback). I’m not saying they are completely the same but I observed the two of them were with the strongest names in every episode – and that alone kept them safe. Winning Chances: 55-45

Is it Michael? He’s the only returnee I’m rooting for and it’s really great to see he made this far. If he’ll win, I have nothing against it. Like Denise, Mike also deserve it. He played this game differently from his previous season. I saw his competitive side. I saw how he craves for victory and most importantly, I saw how he created smooth-sailing relationships with strangers. No one hates Michael Skupin and if there is, let me know.

I felt very bad for him for being called “stupid” and “moron.” I couldn’t believe Abi disrespected his game that much. I mean, if Abi doesn’t mean it on a personal level, it’s still inappropriate. Winning Chances: 55-45

Episode Rating: 8 of 10! I’m very looking forward for the finale, the Final Tribal Council especially.

Photo courtesy of: CBS

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