Survivor Insights 139: Philippines – “Wonderful” (Episode 11)

Abi Wins

THE STAND-OUT: Who else that be but Abi-Maria! She never gave up and played very well. Without a doubt, she’s the best and #1 strategic player of the episode. What she did wasn’t a social strategy but it’s mainly about choosing the best decision for survival. In the Auction Challenge, she spent her money for an item she needed the most – The Immunity Advantage. In the Immunity Challenge, she lied to everyone about the real message of the clue. Do I think everyone bought it? No. There were only seven of them left and I don’t expect them to believe somebody who’s perceived as “unlikeable.” Was it a good lie? Yes. It could still cause a stir in the next episode but I’m not sure if it’s enough for her to escape the vote. Either Malcolm or Denise could tell if she was telling the truth or not.

Going back in the challenge, Abi was up and against Carter and Penner during the final stage. I really adored her confidence and speed as she’s untying those knots. She controlled her nerves well and didn’t put much pressure to herself. Although she had a hard time on the last knot and Cater was close to winning, I admired her for not panicking too much and slides her way to win the necklace.

THE GOOD: Carter was a good man. He’s playing this game with the numbers on his mind and it seems like for him, SURVIVOR is still a “we” game. In the Auction Reward, he went for bags of rice and beans instead of baked potato with toppings. He purchased the last item for $200, quite expensive I say, but to my surprise,  it was an item that was to be shared with everyone in sixty seconds. I don’t know if Carter got satisfied after the challenge. It’s priceless to share something but at some point, it’s unfair for two reasons. It’s unfair because he didn’t have an item to enjoy for himself and it’s unfair because he chose to feed six people who will only get rid of him.

THE BAD: Game-wise, it wasn’t a good move for Carter. He’s fighting for a last six spot and it’s still a big ask if the majority will keep him longer. Should I interpret the game based on the votes in Tribal Council, it’s clear Carter got no alliance. He was the last Kalabaw and his days are already numbered.

It’s too late for a change in alliance. The Denise-Malcolm-Lisa-Michael alliance looked strong and there’s no way Carter can break it. His only hope to the Final 4 is to win a necklace. Is it possible? Yes but it’s all a chance.

THE UNEXPECTED: There were no unexpected moments in the show since last week. I wasn’t also surprised Penner was eliminated. He was smart, he was a threat and getting rid of him should have happened before the merge. Kudos for Denise for coming up with the idea, which Jeff Kent got obsessed with. Without Denise, I don’t see Penner going to Ponderosa. Lisa was too nice and really wanted him to stay for some reasons I couldn’t understand. I could also sense Michael was a bit hesitant in getting rid of him. Penner saved him when it’s about time for him to go.

EPISODE RATING: 10 of 10 stars! This episode was for Abi-Maria. I don’t care if millions of people worldwide consider her as a loose cannon bitch. Truth is; we only see a little part of her in TV and it’s not fair at all to label her!

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2 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 139: Philippines – “Wonderful” (Episode 11)

  1. Abi-Maria was able to stay alive and may find herself in the final tribal. Carter has to be the next target and then Abi probably becomes the ultimate swing vote. I doubt the two alliances want to go to the final four because then one of them would have to be eliminated. So if Carter doesn’t win this next immunity he’s probably gone. And then Skupin/Lisa and Denise/Malcolm fight to get Abi on their side. That’s what I’m anticipating.

    It’s sad to see Penner go because Skupin is afraid of making a move without Lisa. I forget that Skupin is suppose to be a veteran sometimes, but really this is now an all new experience for him. Lisa is starting to annoy me. First her awful (pretending to be good hearted) gameplay got Kent eliminated and now Penner goes down.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Penner have an immunity idol?


    • @MikeCif Penner played his idol during the merged Tribal Council. It’s the reason why RC was eliminated.

      As for Lisa, she wasn’t too annoying as others think. She’s simply too nice to let Penner go and I’m also simply disappointed by the fact that she made this far and she kept on repeating that the game is bigger than her. It reveals she hasn’t expected how this game is played before she joined.

      Now that only one returnee is left and I’m glad it’s Michael – I’m really looking forward for Episode 12. It seems the things that will happen in the episode determines what type of finale we’ll going to have.


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