Survivor Insights 138: Philippines – “That Was Brutal By Them” (Episode 10)

THE BAD: Once again, Abi-Maria was the star of the episode. The camera loved her so much and it seems she got the most important airtime than Pete, who became the fourth jury member. Unfortunately, things were not good. Things became too much for Abi and tears simply flowed in her eyes right after Denise confronted her with the truth. Truth hurts, yes, but honestly, I felt sorry for Abi. It ain’t easy to be hated and to be misunderstood. The feeling sucked and I’m sure it’s more than a bull**** feeling when you’re in a place and is playing a cut-throat game. Abi must have felt depressed and was clearly out of her mind after the vote reading. She was all alone now with no idol nor a closest ally to protect her. Yet, you know what, even if other people considered her as “unlikeable,” I still give her props for not quitting.

THE GOOD: It must be a good thing for Denise to confront Abi with the truth. It hurts bad, it’s brutal as what Abi described it, yet it must have been an eye opener moment for both. For Abi, she discovered how other people perceived her and even if the discovery came in an unfavorable situation with millions of people watching, the realization made her a better person in and outside the game. As for Denise, I have nothing against with what she said. I’m not sure if it’s only the edit but the confrontation appeared a bit sharp, in which some things should have been discussed privately. For this, I’m hoping to see a more personal talk between Denise and Abi in next week’s episode.

THE STAND-OUT: I love the reward challenge. Its concept is simple, ordinary even, but when it’s played, it totally requires speed and strategy. Carter did well against Penner. He ran faster and he flipped the drum near the edge of a circle. For this, Penner would need to run farther before reaching the red drum.

Even with mistakes, I’m glad to see the young generation won. They were a fun to watch in the spa reward, just enjoying the company and no serious topics were talked about.

* * * * *

Unexpectedly, Carter won immunity for the second time. It’s truly an awesome moment to watch how he handled the mental pressure to finish the challenge from behind.

Question now is: Just because he won immunity, is Carter the best strategic player for this episode? I can say, the answer is still no.  Perhaps, he came second or third.

It’s still Michael! Even with a runner-up finish in the challenge, Michael’s game was still running smoothly. The idea of blindsiding Malcolm was arguably the biggest decision he could have done. Yet, his game wasn’t destroyed by refusing to follow Pete. It seems like Michael was figuring out the right timing to attack.

It’s not yet the final five and Malcolm was already too sure he’ll make the final four with Denise, Michael and Lisa. To some extent, I’m still 50-50 with this strategy. Malcolm chose the most stand-out people in the group and he may not win against them. Yes, he might win consecutive immunity challenges but I’m not too confident with his decision to declare it in front of them.

It appears Malcolm was thinking ahead without calculating the risks. You know, his decision could easily be misinterpreted if one of them decides to explore other opportunities. And, why the heck think about the future when you still have the present to look into?

Episode Rating: 8 of 10 stars!

Photos courtesy of CBS

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