Survivor Insights 132: Philippines – Absolutely Nuts! (Episode 4)

THE GOOD: Matsing lost for the fourth time in a row, therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to Russel. Is this a right decision? Yes. Is this a bad decision? Absolutely not. Malcolm and Denise could stay longer in the competition without worrying about Russel. Should there will be merge in Episode 6, they can easily snake around to find the right numbers for their survival. It’s mainly up to them whether they go with Kalabaw or Tandang.

Moreover, it’s “absolutely nuts” to have three returnees in the upcoming merge. It’s not bad considering this is only a game. I might be wrong but either Russel, Michael or Jonathan had their time. They had their moment. This season gave another chance for the medevacs to return but it’s not entirely made for them. It’s made for a new castaway to win.

I don’t want this season to end up like seasons 22 and 23, in which Boston Rob and Coach were given a free pass to the last three.

THE BAD: Things were in bad shape in Kalabaw. I don’t have a clue why it’s men vs. women. This is not One World and each of them has a choice to stir things around. It’s not like the boys should be with boys and girls should be with girls. This isn’t what the social aspect of the game is about. Whether they like it or not, they’re still playing a we-game. They’re still a tribe, they still need to trust each other and they’re still competing as a tribe.

Should these six make the merge, I can tell that none of them can benefit from this gender division. This division will be their biggest weakness. Why?

It’s because this gender-alliance will only benefit Malcolm and Denise. Either these two Matsing choose to go with Jonathan-Carter-Jeff or Dawson-Dana-Katie, they’ll immediately have the numbers for a spot in the last five.

I don’t know if you’ll agree with what I’m seeing here but this is how I analyze the various angles.

THE STAND-OUT: Who else can it be but Pete and Abi-Maria? Because of them, the Tandang camp was in chaos. Because of them, RC was instantly scared of her life.

I don’t dislike RC. It’s just that I want to see a dramatic shake-up in camp. I seem to get tired of we-want-to-win drama in Matsing and things also got too serious with the-men-against-the-women-thing in Kalabaw.

Tandang added some spice in the episode – and there you have it, Pete and Abi-Maria made an Emmy-award winning scene against RC. Personally, this was insanely funny to watch!

This was like a game of chess and RC was left with no squares to run.

But to get fair with her, RC handled things well. She didn’t behave like a loose canon who would simply burst the denial out. She remained calm and bravely choose to read the clue in front of the tribe.

  • Did the tribe buy her excuse? No.
  • Will she have a target on her back? Yes.
  • Can she survive the vote? It depends. It’s unclear who she’s really with.

THE UNLUCKIEST: Russel was eliminated. Didn’t that mean he was also the unluckiest? No.

As I look the deep angles of the situation, I seem to realize that it was Kalabaw who went south. I’m not sure if “going south” is considered “the unluckiest” but I see them heading that way.What was a tribe of triumph will face the inevitable end.

The tribe was in a tight competition against Matsing during the Immunity Challenge and luckily, Kalabaw escaped Tribal Council. Thanks to Jeff Kent and to his superb swinging skills!

EPISODE RATING: 9 of 10 stars!

Photos courtesy of: CBS

One thought on “Survivor Insights 132: Philippines – Absolutely Nuts! (Episode 4)

  1. Very good assessment of the episode Dean. But while Pete’s strategy was entertaining, it can be very dangerous, esp with such a small tribe. If he can’t cover his bases, it might come back to haunt him. What I don’t understand though is how RC allows herself to be treated that way. She knows that the Abi-Pete tandem are gunning for her, and why isn’t she doing something about it? Hopefully, she acts fast before it’s too late because I am rooting for her.

    Also hoping that either Denise or Malcolm finds the HII this week so they can bring power to their side when they come into merge, because they are clearly outnumbered at this point.


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