Survivor Insights 130: Philippines – Dig in, Dig Deep, Make it Happen

Man, this is a very late post!

I should have started talking about my first-impression bets last week. The second episode was aired last night and Angie was nearly voted-out. I’m glad she was saved though she’s quite a disappointment.

She’s not one of the most perceptive castaways on island though Angie’s still my bet. She is an eye-candy no matter what and as I see it, her romantic alliance with Malcolm can help her get far should they have Denise on their side.

So, what will happen now?

The flirting goes on …


Two episodes down and Matsing was down to four members – Malcolm, Angie, Denise and Russel. Before this season started, I thought Matsing was really an unbeatable tribe either it’s a physical or a mental challenge.

What’s happening for two episodes was the complete opposite. I saw a tribe on a meltdown. Each member was trying his and her best to win though this “best” wasn’t really enough. Denise is a therapist in real life (FYI: The title of this post came from her) and as my season’s early dark horse, I’m quite sure she’s doing everything she can to motivate her tribe. However, there seems to be an empty space in between and even with Denise’s expertise, Matsing remains to be a team in division.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like Matsing will be dissolved. I just don’t know when, but it seems it’s a real possibility should their losing streak continues in Episode 3.

When that happens – it’s time for Russel Swan to go home.

THE STAND-OUT, THE GOOD …but still bad

Either Matsing remains as a tribe or not, Kalabaw and Tandang will for sure stay unbeatable. These two tribes were on fire for two challenges in a row and it looks like they are not stopping at all.

It’s a good thing when a team is winning. Yet, for viewers out there – it can be also a bad thing.

I’m wondering why these two teams of six people are not given a fair amount of airtime. In Tandang, I always see and listen to Michael, Lisa and RC while in Kalabaw, there were only cameras for Jonathan and Jeff. These six were a stand-out either because they were already popular or talkative.

Big questions now are: Where’s the other seven? Where’s Carter? What happened to Dana and Dawson?

My First-Impression Bets

Before that, let’s listen to Jeff Probst’s assessment first.

Enjoyed his assessment?

It’s quite a good assessment. I seem to agree with Probst – but I stood by my own and I can’t be swayed. Whatever he’s saying, I’m sticking with my choices.

This post was opened by me saying Angie is my bet and if I’m going to arrange my personal bets in order – Angie only ranks fourth. My other bets would be:

The first is Malcolm.

The 25-year-old bartender from California openly admitted in his profile that he’s charming, smart, brilliant and athletic – these are four of the most powerful adjectives to ideally describe a sole survivor, right? Though SURVIVOR is not an ideal world. The most athletic and the smartest don’t always win… … especially when you’re cocky. The cockiness in Malcolm is probably his weakness and it’s interesting to see how he can control this side of him when he started to get very hungry, physically drained and emotionally vulnerable. Malcolm grew up watching the show but how much learning can he put into action?

Second on my list is Abi-Maria.

This 32-year-old business student from Los Angeles adores Parvati. She’s willing to bring her social A-game to become the sole survivor. Her ability to persuade others seems to be her biggest asset but with the situation she’s in – she might need to re-plan her strategy. Her alliance with RC was damaged last night and I’m not sure if the extent of the damage is beyond repair. I’m also not sure if breaking the alliance with RC can be a positive thing.

Jeff Kent is my third first-impression bet.

This 44-year-old retired professional baseball player from Texas is the epitome of an experienced family-man and athlete, who clearly understand how a cutthroat game should be played.

By describing himself as competitive, hard-headed and resilient, it seems Jeff is ready for anything. To be honest, “resilient” is such a powerful term. Truth is; it’s the best adjective to describe a survivor.

Question now is – how far will Jeff Kent go?

I don’t like returnees to win. It’s going to be another predictable season should one of them wins (remember Redemption Island?). For the time being, I only wish that those carelessness stops and I hope to see Michael Skupin in the Final 5.

If you’re dissatisfied with my bets, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box. Who do you think is the strongest castaway to date? Do you think your choice can dig in, dig deep and make things happen?

Photos courtesy of: CBS

8 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 130: Philippines – Dig in, Dig Deep, Make it Happen

  1. As of right now I really like where Denise, Skupin, and Kent are located. Denise is the swing vote on her tribe even if it’s down to four. I suspect her to side more with Malcolm than Russell. Skupin is the only returnee in an actual alliance and he still holds the option of going with the older people on his tribe. Jeff Kent seems to be in a position of power right now and his leg seems to be holding up fine.

    As for others I like the way Malcolm is playing. Even though he’s got his cuddle thing with Angie I think he knows Denise is the stronger alliance. I guess you can’t count out Penner because he’s a beast. And what about Katie? We haven’t heard a single word from her (not even at camp!). I think she will go far in this game and be in the dominate alliance plus she seems good in challenges.

    So I guess right now Skupin is my favorite to win. Katie would be my sleeper.

    Also, I think Matsing will pull out a victory on the next episode and then we’ll get some drama from the other two tribes. And I don’t think we’ll have three tribes for much longer either.


  2. Hey @MikeCif, if there are three older castaways who deserve to be in the merge, it has to be Kent, Stapley and Skupin. I don’t root for a returnee to win the title though Skupin must be a deserving winner to some extent. It may be predictable to see him win and I don’t know if this season will be more special should he win. I rather see Denise win the title. It’s my first time to see a real therapist in the competition and I really like her style in connecting with other people. She has a sharp ability to observe people and her alliance with Malcolm will be stronger for sure if they will not be separated when a switch happens. I don’t see Kent winning the title for the sole reason he’s a big target when merge comes.

    Penner is quite a forgettable castaway to me. He found the hidden immunity idol but I don’t know if this is something so special to remember. Several castaways have done this in the past and few of them found the idol with no clue at all.

    As for the airtime, it’s still not fair. Never heard a word from Carter and Katie. I almost forget Katie’s existence, lol


  3. Yeah I usually don’t complain about the airtime, but I would at least like to hear from Katie for a couple of reasons.

    Penner is one of my favorites. He’s not great at anything, but I find him funny and entertaining.

    If Skupin does end up winning the game will probably be predictable since he doesn’t seem like the guy to go around lying and backstabbing, but who knows.


  4. @Mike Cif Each his own. I don’t find Penner to be memorable even if he looks smart and opinionated in real life. Given, he found the hidden idol then what? What do you think his next moves be?

    What are those couple of reasons that you’ll like about Katie. I haven’t heard a word from her and when I read her profile, it’s not as impressive. It looks like she’s there to flirt and flirt and flirt.


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