Novak Djokovic: Sweet Revenge in Miami

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray met in Sony Ericsson Open Finals in 2009. Due to extreme heat, no gas was left for Djokovic and he was easily upset in straight sets (2:6, 5-7). That time, Djokovic was still a vulnerable player. He’s losing matches when he had his chances.

Below are the video highlights of the match in HD.

Three years later, the most popular tennis star in Serbia and in United Kingdom have to clash again – same stadium, same round. Novak Djokovic is the World #1 and the defending champion while Andy Murray is World #4 and is under the watch of a former champion of eight grand slams, Ivan Lendl.

The Miami hardcourt is no longer a new playground for Andy Murray. Hardcourt is his favorite surface in which he can properly control his game in both wings. Murray is aggressive against Djokovic. However, the defending champion is totally a new person – a new player. He is fearless, invincible and more confident. He can also stay more patient in long rallies.

Defending a grand slam title for the first time in Melbourne, Djokovic easily thrashed Murray in the first set (6:1). There were longer hard-hitting rallies in the second set. Both players brought their A-game forward.  Djokovic brought the set to a tiebreak after holding serve at 5-6 down. At match point for the Serb, the World #4 sent his forehand long to hand Djokovic his 30th career title.

The 14-more-minutes highlights above summarizes how a sweet revenge should be done. Sweet revenge takes time. Sweet revenge involves the right strategies to win; and Novak Djokovic did the unthinkable. Three years ago, he was the center of garbage talks. People were labeling him “Quitter.”

Now, you’ll realize how three years can make a huge difference – Novak is not only the 2012 King of Hardcourt (20-2 before the clay season starts next week) but also the “undisputed leader of the ATP Pack (Peter Bodo).”

Photo and videos courtesy of: Novak Djokovic, Tennis Tube TV, Federer Kooora

4 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic: Sweet Revenge in Miami

  1. […] It’s my birthday today and Novak Djokovic gives me another reason to celebrate. The 2011 Wimbledon Champion wins Rogers Cup, an ATP Masters Tournament before the US Open on August 27th, for the third time. He was the defending champion in the said tournament and this is his third title of the year. His first title was Australian Open against Rafael Nadal and the second was against Andy Murray in Miami. […]


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