Survivor Insights 116: South Pacific – Who Will Win? (Episode 14)

1) Will it be Albert? – Albert instantly turned himself as the most unwanted person in camp after all his “unpolished” strategies collapse in front of him. He could have win the immunity necklace to protect himself but he was not even close to winning it. It was Brandon who saved him for the very last minute.

Does this mean Albert can guarantee a spot in the finals because he couldn’t win? Or, will he have the power to change the minds of the jurors to vote for him?

Winning Chances: 40 – 60

2) Will it be Sophie? – Sophie played an excellent game by joining the right alliance and stayed loyal with them. Even if Albert wanted to blindside her, Sophie was not bothered because she knew how to convince Coach to protect her.

Will that be enough for her to win the title? Albert was right. Sophie is “covertly” a threat. She’s competitive in challenges too. I am not sure though if she can make a big impact once Jeff Probst declares her as the sole survivor. Her social game, to me, was quite safe.

Winning Chances: 55 – 45

3) Will it be Rick? – Rick has not made any risks since the first episode. He’s just there, surviving the hunger, existing and having the alliance but in terms of gameplay, he’s always outshine by other names. It’s probably either Rick has not given enough edit to reveal what’s beyond the cowboy personality or he only preferred to stay out of all the drama.

Let’s say Rick will win consecutive immunity challenges in a row, will it be enough to say he deserves to win?

Winning Chances: 50 – 50

4) Will it be Coach? – Of the four people left in the camp, Coach was certainly the most experienced, the most smartest, the most strategic and probably the biggest jurors’ favorite to win the season. I was just wondering why he made a promise that he’ll take Ozzy in the finals. Is it okay for him to be second as long as the “Warrior of the Redemption Island” takes the title?

Winning Chances: 70 – 30, If Ozzy is not sitting beside him.

5) The Last Duel – Who have thought the two of the most strategy-less castaways in Upolu and Savii are up against each other to re-enter the game? Ozzy is the luckiest survivor this season to volunteer to be voted out but not really heading out the competition. He’s unbeatable in any type of duels and there’s no one to blame but himself should he fail to win the last one.

Ozzy’s Winning Chances: 51 – 49, if he’s sitting beside Coach.

Brandon can totally ace a challenge whenever he wants to. Even Coach was completely stunned when Brandon won this episode’s Immunity Challenge. However, his winning chances will still be low should he come back.

Episode Rating: This was undeniably an explosive episode before a two-hour finale – 10 of 10 stars!

3 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 116: South Pacific – Who Will Win? (Episode 14)

  1. Ozzy: best of last to win
    Sophie: she might be a winner i don’t like her about the game right
    Rick- Cowboy don’t give up a winner he good
    Brandon- Nice or treated the game he loves god want him to win the million dollors
    Albert- he black jack playing the cards down to win there he black dragon to win
    Coach- the Fan’s need him to win this wild card trump Albert’s black Jack card down
    Million dollars from Glenn A.Gibson


  2. Ozzy’s chances of making the end are low enough… The moment he loses a challenge, he’s out. Plus I heard that Dawn and Cochran don’t want to vote for him (according to Ponderosa videos), in addition to the Upolus who don’t like him. As for the Upolus, it looks like Sophie has the best shot… She had a great under-the-radar game so far, and that’s why Albert targeted her. If Sophie’s not in the finals, Coach would most likely win.

    If the final 3 are Rick, Brandon and Albert, the win could go either way – That would be Albert’s only shot at winning, after Sophie drew out the lunatic in him. Another thing I’ve been thinking about, what if someone (most likely Jim) gives a David Murphy speech that’ll sway the jury votes to Coach?


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