Survivor Insights 115: South Pacific – Time Bomb (Episode 13)

1) Edna fights and she fought extremely hard. She tried to stir things around the camp by convincing Coach, Albert and Sophie as to why she needed to stay. Personally, I liked how Edna fought for herself. She was smart, she’s articulate and her social game reminded me of Sandra a bit. The “Tell- Me-Who-You-Want-Out” part was missing though. Edna knew, from that moment Coach saved her instead of Mikayla, that she did not deserve to be voted out without making a stand. If only she came into this Core Alliance and created an inner alliance around her ot took a detour instead of always targeting Brandon, she could have been in the Final 3.

2) Ozzy vs. Cochran – Expect the expected. This was probably what the Ozzy vs. Cochran duel was all about. The table maze was meant for Cochran. It looked like it’s his duel destined to win and not Ozzy. The duel required no strength but when it’s all came down to precision and control, Ozzy still “perfectly” mastered it after few attempts and Cochran’s winning chances, which was close to 100%, disappeared like a pop of a bubble.

It’s a disappointing loss for Cochran but he openly accepted like a real man. As the fan of the show from the very beginning, Cochran managed to put every little thing in perspective. With all the experiences and the struggles he experienced, Cochran realized that he was stronger than what he expected of himself. He came into this show as the weak underdog. He survived all the negative perceptions towards him and he also learned how to fight his own insecurities.

Labeled as the “nerd” of the season, Cochran played a strategic game that would be remembered. Cochran chose to remove his mask and showed the people around him how a SURVIVOR FAN should play.  He courageously stood on his own even if he completely knew five people would hate him.

3) Family Get Together in Redemption Island – Three remaining survivors (Abert, Coach & Brandon) reunited with their loved ones + Ozzy in Redemption Island. Nothing really unexpected happened until Brandon began talking with his dad about his game. I could not believe my eyes while watching that scene. Brandon’s dad was playing the game and his son was certainly not. In fact, Brandon’s dad was playing a cerebral game and should have recruited for the show instead. If he got the swag to approach Coach in that limited time he had, he could have outperform his brother as the great “villain” if he got more than twenty-four hours.

It also made me wonder why Coach was promising a deal with Ozzy when he got an unbreakable alliance back in camp. Is there any cracks in his core alliance? Is he ready to break his word? Who’s that other person he and Ozzy are going with? Is he referring to Albert or Sophie? It may be Rick but I doubt it.

4) Give Me the Next Chapter – I assumed this will be the last episode before the finale and if I am correct with this assumption, things just began to erupt in the Redemption Arena. If the scenes are edited right and I’m sure it’s not, Ozzy is completely struggling and his reign might end. What worries me is the camp drama. The five are arguing with each other and it really alarms me to see a shouting Sophie at Albert. What Albert did again? Is he making another big error on his way out? I hope not or else, I have no personal bets on the Final 3.

Episode Rating: 9 of 10 stars!

Photo courtesy of: CBS

One thought on “Survivor Insights 115: South Pacific – Time Bomb (Episode 13)

  1. I was think Coach was going to shake up the game and keep Edna. However, once again everyone is scared to make a move to impact the game. Cochran made the boldest move in the game.

    I also think Brandon’s dad would have been a better player for this. Unbelievable, he comes in and immediately is thinking strategy. Got to love that. I don’t remember any other loved one coming in and actually thinking of a way for the person to win.

    I think Coach is willing to take Ozzy because he looks at Ozzy as a warrior.This is what Coach loves the most, right?

    Next Sunday is the finale. The previews were crazy so it looks like though this season has become predictable like last season, theres plenty more drama


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