Survivor Insights 114: South Pacific – Prince Albert (Episode 12)

1) All Comes Well for the Prince – This was not referring to genital piercing but it’s about the renaissance episode of Albert Destrade. All his past mistakes and his “camp laziness” won’t matter the moment he won an individual immunity necklace for the first time, gave up his reward for Coach & Cochran and topping it all, he decided to stick with the alliance. Have a closer look to the situation and you realize that by voting out Cochran instead of Rick, Albert covertly sent a message to Coach that he’s worth keeping than Edna. That’s why; if anyone goes to Redemption Island next week, it should be Edna if she won’t win immunity.

Albert won an immunity just at the right time but I am still wondering why he and Sophie could not have the power to dethrone Coach. Why they can’t blindside him or make him think his days are numbered? The finish line is almost there and time is running out so fast. I know that any of them can’t beat the Dragon Slayer once the jury buys his philosophical arguments.

2) John “Fairplay” Cochran – Was he related to Johnny Fairplay? Was he playing this game really hard and all his hardwork simply collapse at him? Probably yes. Cochran made up a story that he’s celebrating his birthday in two days (not that worse compared with Jon Fairplay’s lie in seventh season) and lucky for him, Albert gave up his reward for him. This strategy spoke volumes. Albert gave in to his lie and that might instantly mean Albert would be loyal to him.

This was not the case though. It showed that Albert gave his reward to Cochran to let him know he’s going home. On a nicer note, it’s either he wanted a vote from Cochran if he makes the final three or Albert just wanted Cochran to feel well, be confident and take Ozzy down in the next duel.

Cochran’s exit also meant that we’ll have a duel next week. I’ll say it again: D-U-E-L. It’s finally a duel and not a three-way or four-way duel. If in any case Cochran will overpower a high-spirited Ozzy, even it’s too impossible (if it’s a strength game) or too possible (if it’s a mind game), this will be the most unforgettable upset since Matt beat Russel Hantz, right?

3) Episode Rating: This is an entertaining episode after a recap so I’m giving it 9 of 10 stars! The episode’s duel, which Parvati won against Colby in HvV, was given. Ozzy wins. The editing simply tried to make us feel inspired before Dawn and Whitney burn their buffs. It was the most revealing Tribal Council of the season. It was even a tricky edit and I was also convinced Rick would go home.

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5 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 114: South Pacific – Prince Albert (Episode 12)

  1. Great blog Dean! I honestly think Albert-Sophie and Coach are all aligned and have been since the idol sharing. Which is why neither Albert or Sophie are targeting Coach. Coach is a returnee so my thinking is that Albert-Sophie will use this in their arguments and see him as their better option. You mentioned on my blog that u felt Albert is the one Coach should worry about..actually I think it’s Sophie. Albert has made a few gestures of wooing towards people who now sit in the jury and it’s blatant. Sophie on the other hand has played a good social game and is a great competitor in challenges and is very astute. If u note during Tribal when Jeff mentioned that this was an illuminating Tribal for everyone Sophie responded with a “no”. Sophie is a very self and game aware competitor and is liked. If anyone can give Coach a run for the will be her for sure. Thanks for the comment and love ur blog!!!


  2. @BrendaPorter You’re saying that Albert & Sophie are taking Coach and not the other way ’round since the idol sharing. Wow, I never think this could be possible if your analysis is 100% true. I thought it’s Coach who is in control of Albert & Sophie because his alliance with Brandon looks unbreakable.


  3. I don’t think Sophie and Albert are stringing along Coach, but I also feel they each have their own minds.

    If Coach makes the final three he wins. No one can beat him.

    I was hoping there was going to be a switchup. People need to grow some balls. Other then that there wasn’t much of note.

    I do feel Cochran was starting to play a much better game. He seemed to shake off all the nervousness and he got extremely close to getting Albert and Coach to voting off Rick.


  4. I’m unfortunately almost certain Ozzy wins the next duel… I saw a picture of him in it with the ball very close to the center.

    I really really can’t stand that git and his arrogant sense of entitlement… Of all the remaining castaways, I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not him.

    We finally got to see some more of Rick… I think that “Princess Albert” issue turned him to another zero-vote-goat for Coach.


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