Survivor Insights 113: South Pacific – Outorganize, Outclean, Outgather (Episode 10)

1) “Outorganize, outclean, outgather” – This was what Albert said when he tried convincing Sophie to oust Edna instead of Dawn or Whitney. Another good plan? Yes. But has it worked out successfully? No. Therefore, it’s still useless.

None of Albert’s plans since finding the hidden immunity clue in their camp came true. Albert is one of the most creative strategists in history, there’s no doubt about it, but it looks like he’s just trying to overplan or he’s making plans at the wrong time.

After watching this episode, it made me realize Albert was very lucky to escape the vote. He stayed another day on the island because Coach and his puppets allowed him to.

2) Three-person Duel & 2 down! – I was rooting for Jim or Keith even though I knew Ozzy’s chances of winning a duel is high. The way the scenes were edited, it tried to make the situation more exciting.

It really looked like Keith was close to winning and Ozzy would lose. But it’s hard to put an inspired Ozzy down. For this win, it’s just making sense if I’ll say this season’s Redemption Island is exclusively made for him the moment he took down streaking Christine. Who knows? Ozzy destroys everyone’s expectations and he’ll take home the title instead of Coach.

3) Predictable Finale or Just For Now? – The finale is coming in two or three episodes and the exciting season for eight episodes start to become a little predictable. I gave praises to Sophie’s efforts for winning two Individual Immunity Challenges in a row but it’s still doubtful if she’ll win the title after ignoring Albert’s plans. Also, with Dawn and Whitney in Redemption Island against Ozzy, I know what to expect. Hopefully, a new leaf of excitement and thrill will surface in a couple of weeks.

Episode Rating: 8 of 10 stars!

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5 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 113: South Pacific – Outorganize, Outclean, Outgather (Episode 10)

  1. Albert may come up with good strategies but he never puts them into play. To me he is gun-shy. He doesn’t want to pull the trigger because he doesn’t want to live with the consequences. After next weeks episode we’ll see if Albert is ready to put a plan into action.

    I think Ozzy has a good shot at winning, but I hope he doesn’t. I hate redemption island and I don’t want to see the winner come from someone who one multiple duels. They may have earned to win, but not in Ozzy’s case. He has been voted out twice and the rest of his game has been terrible. As always Ozzy is just a physical threat.

    The way it looks now Coach will take two people of his choosing either Edna, Cochran, or Rick. Three people who have done nothing or in Cochrans situation someone who is hated.

    Albert or Sophie need to go up to everyone and say if Coach makes it to the end he will win. At this point I would like to see Coach win, but if he can’t then I want Sophie to win.


  2. My F3 is creative this go round…Coach Sophie and Albert I see all 3 there and think it could be a matter of Coach taking strong to the end or Sophie winning her way there but I see the 3 there. Sophie in confessional: “at the end of the day I will make my decision based on what will take me to the end” is an indicator that she feels she is solid at the end with Coach which leaves Albert there as well. Albert I agree comes up with some creative stuff but at this point it is too little too late as it would have worked better earlier. Either way those 3 I think are there and for Coach to win..he would need to amp up every move he has made and own each one. He would need to show he has played a solid game from start to finish and that the ones with him;;tho solid players have played great but he has overcame obstacles and made the game work for him. A convincing Final Tribal argument can be the key to a win for him.


    • @MikeCif You’re saying Ozzy is like Matt of last season? Both these men were voted out twice. Matt could have win it all if he won that last duel against Andrea, Mike and Grant as well as that final IIC.

      @Brenda If you are right about your Final 3 prediction, it seems Albert’s chances of winning the title is higher than Sophie. The former Savii members might vote for him.


  3. I’ve already said it plenty of times, but still, Redemption Island is way too unfair, since it lets an all-physical-zero-strategy person like Ozzy skip the entire social and strategical aspects, which are the most important parts of the game… Therefore, if Ozzy wins, that’ll be THE WORST WIN EVER.

    Then again, it doesn’t really seems like Ozzy’s gonna win even if he makes it to the end, because of his arrogance (which is mainly why I hope he loses)… He may be in a good condition right now, but sticking it into the faces of the other contestants wasn’t smart at all… It made his chance of getting any Upolu+Cochran vote even slimmer, if he had any such chance.

    And about Albert’s move, why did he target Edna? She’s no threat whatsoever, and booting her would only piss Coach off, which is not a good idea at all since he has the idol…
    He should’ve targeted Coach right away, to get rid of him and the idol, leaving Rick, Brandon and Edna in his mercy… Now that Coach suspected something fishy was going on, Albert might be the next to go… Especially if Cochran rats him out to save himself (like Ice-Scooper-Erik did to Ami in Micronesia, his only wise move in the game).

    In other words, when you face a dragon (the rest of the Upolus), trying to cut off it’s tail (Edna) would only provoke it (Which is what Albert just did), which might force your followers (Cochran and Sophie) to flee… You should go straight for the head (Coach) or for the core (the idol), so it won’t be able to strike back.


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