Survivor Insights 112: South Pacific – The Rhinoceros & The Snake (Episode 9)

1) Another Double Elimination – Each season SURVIVOR aired a double elimination episode, it’s either breaking the entire episode or making it more memorable.  It was neither very good nor very bad today. It was not as bad as what happened the Season 22 and it was not also as good as in Season 21. The Upolu 6 with their newly recruit double agent by the name of Cochran stayed loyal with each other and voted against the two remaining alpha males in Savii.

2) First Elimination: Ozzy – It’s quite unbelievable Ozzy did not win the Immunity Challenge #1 considering its first phase did not require any strength or balance at all. It only required to toss a coconut inside a circle which looked like four-steps away from where they stood. Unluckily, Ozzy overdid it and was not one of the first four players who would move into the next round. Just the right time to oust him, and I have to admit it’s predictable, the former Upolu alliance did not waste time and send him another one way ticket to Redemption Island.

3) Second Elimination: Jim – I was intrigued with Albert’s idea to vote against Dawn instead of Jim. As the first woman to win the first individual immunity challenge and with her likeable personality, Dawn became an instant threat who could also slither her way inside the Upolu’s core alliance. I was ready to see her go and this could have been another great twist. I just could not fully understand why the Upolu 6 still gun for Jim.

If Jim was the rhino and Dawn was the snake, it’s needed to get rid of the one who could crawl without being bothered by the dirt around.  It’s clear Jim was physically stronger than Dawn. He overtly played an aggressive cut throat game. If he’s angry, he would show it. If the situation was telling him to panic, he came up with a Plan B and went for Sophie & Albert for help.  The Plan B did not work because it was just too late to make it happen.

4) Emotional Whitney – Whitney is probably the first “crying” survivor during a Tribal Council with an immunity necklace around her neck. I was expecting her to cheer up and not be completely bothered by all the thrash talks against them (her, Dawn and Jim). Looking beyond the surface though, Whitney cried probably because she’s hungry and too tired to swallow the game’s lies and dirty dealings.  Truth is; crying is not always a sign of giving up. It’s just that she’s a part of the minority and if it’s her time to go, she’ll go.

5) What’s Going to Happen Next? – If the preview for the next episode is 100% accurate then it’s an intriguing one. Albert gets himself in trouble again by working on his own. Correct me if I’m wrong but none of Albert’s past strategies worked successfully. This time around, can he survive?

Episode Rating: 8 of 10 stars!

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6 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 112: South Pacific – The Rhinoceros & The Snake (Episode 9)

  1. should got rid of the snake though – the rhino is easy to see and will keep everyone focussed, the snake can sneak through cracks unseen!! (Albert was right!!!)


  2. According to Jeff Probst it may be another double elimination or does he really just mean a double elimination from Redemption Island.
    Time will tell.
    My favorite Jim left last night, it seems only a matter of time before they need to turn on themselves, If Sophie or Albert think they are a chance they need to act very soon. It must be obvious to them that Coach would not have them in mind for the final tribal council. Blindside him now before it gets way too late.


  3. I think Upolu did the right thing by getting rid of Jim. While, I understand the reasoning behind what Albert was thinking I think Jim is a bigger threat because he is strategically smart.Given another three days I think he could have pulled out something more then Dawn. Dawn may be liked but that doesn’t mean Upolu is going to get rid of their own before here.

    I feel like Whitney doesn’t understand that her tribe did poke fun at Cochran. I do agree that just the fact that she has been out there all this time is a factor.

    This season is interesting because it’s starting to look like last season. One tribe seems to just be devouring another. However, this time around there is a lot more drama. It’s still not safe to say that Dawn or Whitney will go next.


  4. @ChrisHook You have a point. The Upolu 6 stayed stronger by getting rid of Dawn. Her social game is way too better than them and by letting her stay a bit longer, the Upolu alliance will not recognize Dawn is silently getting inside and around their circle.

    @RobBeasly I agree with you. If there’s anyone in the Upolu 6 who can stop Coach’s dominance, it would be Albert & Sophie. As I see it, the next episode will be Albert and Sophie’s only chance to either blindside or give Coach the million dollars. If this blindside will be successful then we’ll have an unforgettable finale.

    @MikeCif I assumed Albert’s idea to oust Dawn came from Jim. Jim was struggling to save his skin and it’s understandable when he along with Albert & Sophie talk, many creative ideas came up. There were already a number of seasons that an alliance gets broken because of one member from the other former tribe. As of this writing, I could only remember Survivor Vanuatu. Chris was the only remaining male left in all-women-alliance but ended up winning the game because he successfully got inside the alliance and destroyed it bit by bit. This could have happened this season too. I can see Dawn winning the title if the Upolu 6 + Cochran allows her to stay longer. As seen in the preview, Albert will take that risk and will create a bond with her.


  5. I actually see Jim as a bigger threat than Dawn, not only Physically, but also strategically… How do you think he won 2 poker tournaments? Both tribals he came up with good plans that could’ve worked.

    My guess to why didn’t he give the necklace to Ozzy is that he read the Upolu facial expressions, and realized his plan didn’t work… And the reason it didn’t is that Coach is much brighter than he was on Tocantins, and he’s not falling for the “honor and integrity” thing.

    Jim’s 2nd plan didn’t work because Albert had a plan of his own… Albert doesn’t really seem to think so brightly in terms of strategy…

    As for your question, my guess is Albert tries to make a move, but Coach prevents him for doing so, and it’s either Albert punished by being sent to Redemption Island, or pagonging continues… If it’s the latter, Dawn’s next to go, unless she wins immunity, causing the vote to fall on Whitney.


    • @Ori I quite disagree with what you said about Albert being “not too brightly in terms of strategy.” To me, Albert is the most strategic Upolu member next to Coach. His strategies made sense, so powerful, but it’s just too risky to make it happen. When he found the clue for the hidden immunity necklace, he should have shared the clue with Mikayla or Sophie and not with Coach. This was his first major mistake and it looks like he has not redeemed himself since then.


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