Survivor Insights 110: South Pacific – Biggest Move or Biggest Mistake? (Episode 7)

1) Ozzy, RU Kidding Me? – With an assumption that there will be a merge the next day, Ozzy did one of the biggest and boldest moves in SURVIVOR History. Unfortunately it was one of the most stupid strategies in history. The strategy to vote himself out and give himself 50-50 chance to return on the game is even more horrible than what JT did in Heroes vs Villains.

Back in HvH, JT decided to hand out his hidden idol to someone who he thought was a friend but ended up digging his own grave. In this season, Ozzy volunteered to eliminate himself even when his tribe needs him the most. He’s more concerned about Christine than focus on what can happen with his tribe should they compete in a challenge without him.

2) If Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it – He’s trying to fix something unbroken is what Ozzy’s biggest mistake. You see, he played this game three times. He played the most powerful game in Cook Island but got screwed in his return in Fans vs. Favorites. In his third, it only appears Ozzy played his worst season.

Watching his scene with Cochran made me laugh. I can’t figure out why he’s so paranoid about Christine when he’s 100% safe with his tribe. If he thinks he could end Christine’s streak, that’s good for him, but if this “assumed” merge will not happen as what he predicted, that’s very bad for him as well as for his tribe.

Not only that, he also gave his hidden idol to Cochran of everyone else in his tribe. With this move, Ozzy made Cochran the most powerful player whether a merge will happen or not. With the idol inside his pocket, it’s now possible for Cochran, Jim and Dawn to vote-off or blindside Ozzy should he return.

Cochran is one of my personal bets and I can see him playing a “dirtier” game. Inside this nerd kid is The Brain that can create a masterful plan you or I must not have seen yet.

3) Bye Mikayla, The Streaking Christine! – It’s hurting to see Mikayla go. She was even crying as she tossed her buff in the fire. This cry is not a sign of weakness at all. It’s rather an indication of really wanting it. Mikayla is one of the most competitive and fittest women I have seen on the show and it’s kinda clear she’s willing to play this game again if given a second chance. In fact, there’s only one flaw in her game: not having the right numbers on her side. She was with Albert and Sophie but being in a tight three alliance is useless if she failed to secure Rick.

Mikayla is out of the picture for good, that’s life, and I can’t do anything but give my kudos to a well-deserved win for Christine. Their duel was the most toughest duel yet. It does not only involve the ability to focus and solve a puzzle but it also involves running. Mikayla was not easy to be up against too. Mikayla is young, does not give up and she could have win this duel if only she got her puzzle right the first try.

It’s Christine vs. Ozzy next week. I want Christine to win, who’s yours?

4) Immunity/Reward Challenge – It seems Upolu tribe is still going strong without Mikayla. The challenge was again so close and it’s down to the blindfolded pairs (Ozzy & Whitney vs. Albert & Sophie). Anything could have happened at this moment considering the pairs must only rely on their sense of touch to solve the puzzle. Upolu won and enjoyed the Adam Sandler’s upcoming film Jack & Jill.

Episode Rating: 10 of 10 stars; This episode taught me to not assume so much. If you’ll make assumptions, make sure it’s right and reasonable.

Photos courtesy of: CBS, Gordon Holmes Blog

7 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 110: South Pacific – Biggest Move or Biggest Mistake? (Episode 7)

  1. Ozzy has to be one of the biggest idiots ever. Not only is he putting himself on the line, he’s doing it for no reason. He can’t possibly think the Christine is a guarantee to go back to Uplou. Didn’t they learn anything when she called out Coach again at the duel. I hope Ozzy get’s eliminated just for this move. Not only that he gave his idol to the one guy he shouldn’t have.

    I don’t think JT’s move was that stupid. The guy thought there was an all girl alliance. Russell did a great job of making him think that.

    I do believe Ozzy wins the duel


  2. First of all, I gotta say, the movie selection in this reward is a huge improvement compared to the last cinema reward (in the infamous 2-quitters episode), which included a Jack Black movie (I don’t have anything against him, but it looks like many others do)…

    And I think JT is a bad example of dumb-move comparison… The level of dumbness in his move ain’t even close to that of James, Tyson and Erik…

    I’m hoping for Ozzy to win the next duel, simply because i still can’t stand Christine… His odds seem pretty good, since pole building, which was showed in the preview, is one of the things he’s good at… At least he was on Cook-Islands…

    Every episode I’m impressed by how much of an idiot Ozzy is, and how good Coach is in the game… Especially now…
    At first I was worried about the fact that Coach will have to use the idol eventually post-merge, and how would Edna, Rick and Brandon would react to it… Especially Brandon… But Coach found quite a good way around it, and now the Upolu 6 are tight again… Now I’m really rooting for Coach…

    btw, lots of fans, israeli fans included, assume Ozzy will end up even above Erik in the hall-of-fame for dumb moves… Do you agree with that?


    • @Mike Let’s say JT’s strategy was not stupid. It was still naive though. I was not expecting him to behave like that considering he won season 18. If Russel Hantz was acting just to get his attention, it’s still JT’s personal choice to ignore it. Russel is a stranger to JT so why bother to pay attention.

      Ozzy’s dumbest move can also be compared with Erik’s decision to give his well-earned immunity idol back in Micronesia. I could not stop laughing while watching this scene. Felt sorry for Erik though – his move will be always remembered but labeled as plain stupid.

      @Ori Kohav “lots of fans, israeli fans included, assume Ozzy will end up even above Erik in the hall-of-fame for dumb moves… Do you agree with that?” YES! Even if he’ll win the next duel, he doesn’t deserve to stay.


  3. I really wonder if Ozzy just wanted to get away from that tribe. Was thinking he will beat Christine, then when the merge takes place will align himself with the other tribe. This may be the strategy he is thinking at this time. …. Just a thought


  4. @Kel Yes, it’s a strategy I’ve never seen before but it’s a poor one. If this is his way of being away from the tribe, this is not the right solution. Parvati felt alienated when she joined the Heroes Tribe. No one wanted her there but she did not tell the whole tribe to vote her out. She got the balls instead and shared her feelings during the Tribal Council. I don’t know what’s inside Ozzy’s head and sacrifice himself when it’s not his time to go or be in the Redemption Island. If Ozzy will win the duel against Christine, which is really possible considering the duel as previewed will require strength and control, then I must conclude Ozzy just got lucky.


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