Survivor Insights 108: South Pacific – Making Rooms to Play (Episode 5)

1) Blindside Elyse – This was the first blindside of the season, a big applause for Jim! Elyse was shocked, Ozzy was shocked too and both of them haven’t seen it coming. Keith and Whitney chose to vote against Dawn but their votes were not that important though. All it takes was for Jim, Cochran and Dawn to stick each other and to be on the driver seat. Even when Keith and Whitney are not one of them, it’s possible and there’s still a way to blindside Ozzy, the provider.

2) Christine vs. Stacey – Christine won a duel for the third time in a row. She’s still confident and not a sign of being weary, by staying in Redemption Island alone, was visible. I am sure she must be proud of herself while watching this episode at home. Christine along with Stacey also got the balls by not hesitating to thrash talk Coach in front of Albert & Mikayla. You see, after all those Benjamin or Coach talks, Christine’s confidence should have been declined even a bit while playing the duel. I did not see a nerve though. She still aced a duel which was the final immunity challenge in Survivor Tocantins. The type of challenge in which it requires dexterity and concentration.

3) The “Disgusting” Immunity Challenge – The goal was to grab a chunk of meat using only the mouth, run towards their basket, spit the chunk inside it and race back for more. It sounds like a simple challenge but when you get to watch it on TV, you’ll instantly realize this was the most disgusting immunity challenge in twenty-three seasons. The editing made it grosser too making you sick when you’re eating a ham sandwich.

It’s nice to see Upolu won the challenge by two ounces but come on, it’s still nasty to think they are eating the meat after not brushing their teeth for several days. If any of them is not infected with STD before the show started then the inevitable will not happen. I’m not also in the position to question the show. The staffs will not put their survivors’ health at risk anyway and I’m sure of that.

4) Coach & his Hidden Immunity Idol – It’s frustrating to see Albert failed to have the hidden idol when he clearly knew where it’s hidden. He almost has it and it could have been his biggest moment. Then all things went south. I did not know what he’s exactly thinking when he shared the clue with Sophie and Coach. It’s understandable if he completely trusted these two because of the core alliance going on but the act of sharing an information that must have been confidential, that’s another story. Look what happened. Coach owns it instead and there’s no way Albert finds a way out.

Patience is a virtue and he just committed his biggest error by not having the little patience when he needed it the most. Albert is 100% aware how this game is played and he knows his days are numbered should he make the merge. He’s not only a physical threat but a real treat to win the title as well. No one will care even he’s trustworthy or not.

Episode Rating: 9 of 10 stars

Photo courtesy of: CBS

5 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 108: South Pacific – Making Rooms to Play (Episode 5)

  1. A good episode. It will be interesting over at Savaii and what will happen with Ozzy, his Idol or will he survive to the merge.
    Albert’s mistake was telling Coach & Sophie, like you say trust counts for nothing when you’re all after the same thing.


  2. I don’t understand why Keith would think since he didn’t actually vote for Elyse, Ozzy would be okay with him voting for Dawn. He still back-stabbed Ozzy. Congrats to Jim for making a move. At first I thought why didn’t he just cut off Ozzy’s head, but then when I thought about it Jim made the right decision. If he went after Ozzy, Kieth may not have felt comfortable.

    Albert made the worse mistake. Not only did he tell people about the clue he didn’t end up with it. He lost any power he would have got. Albert new the idol was in a tree he should have just kept looking in trees. Agree with you completely.

    Definitely a gross challenge, but it was close so thats always good.

    This weeks episode looks good. Obviously Ozzy has not improved his social game. He was making the same mistakes from the beginning. Got way to close to Elyse. Worst part is he told Keith about the idol


    • In this episode, lots of survivors made unacceptable mistakes. First on the list is Albert for throwing his strategic mind out the window. Next is Ozzy for being a clueless castaway that made Jim the one who played this game thrice. Third is Keith, what’s wrong if Ozzy will not trust him when he got Jim and Cochran? It’s his game, not Ozzy’s. Fourth is Whitney for having the idea of being neutral and won’t make a move on her own without Keith on her wing. Lastly, it’s Elyse for not predicting what could happen. She’s too busy flirting with Ozzy.


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