Survivor Insights 107: South Pacific – This is Gonna Be My Game! (Episode 4)

1) Coach coaches – It’s the first time I saw Coach who 100% owns this game without considering himself as the dragon slayer or the warrior with pride or honor. This season, he goes straight to the point. “This is Gonna Be My Game” – This is a powerful statement, hands down, and it means two things: First, he just to want to impress himself. Even when Coach appears to love himself too much and annoys his tribe, it’s hard to deny he’s the type of competitor who could go far effortlessly. He’s a jury member for two seasons he’s in (in Tocantins and in HvH).

Second, he truly meant it as “I am playing my own, deal with it.” It’s clear Coach was taking this third chance into new heights. He’s the ring leader and he’s keeping his alliance steady. It’s surely a strategy to vote out Stacey when they might still need her strength in the upcoming challenges. This should have been a hard decision but Coach did not hesitate even a bit.

It’s just so funny to see all of them stood and offered Stacey a hug. Don’t they realize this was an insult? I agree with what Stacey said. It looked fake. I’m also worried because if either Stacey or Christine returns when merge comes, it might hurt them.

2) “I’m Sorry” – Brandon asked forgiveness to everyone and it sounds sincere. Mikayla, Christine and Edna accepted it but they interpreted it in many ways. It appears Brandon was throwing his personal issues with Mikayla out the window, hangs on there for a while and will just follow what Coach instructed him to do. Truth is; there’s nothing wrong with how religious he is or how a no-strategy player he is. Brandon must stay and his alliance needs him for long-term security.

3) Jim detours – Change is the only permanent thing in this world and this is exactly what’s happening with the alliances in Savii. Keith is with Whitney, Elyse flirts with Ozzy and there’s Jim, who began to proofread his master plan with a little help from Cochran & Dawn. Jim was cleaning his mess he did in Episode 2 and I am looking forward how his new alliance prosper when it needed to.

Counting one by one and there you go – there are only six of them left at the camp and this only means things can go anywhere, right? Which alliance you think will win? Can the two couples stay loyal with each other or they will decide to merge? Will one couple alienate themselves? Will Jim send Elyse to Redemption Island should they lose in next episode’s Immunity Challenge? Can Dawn come up with a plan to blindside Ozzy?

4) Christine vs. Stacey – This is the second win in a row for Christine and her duel against Papa Bear was kinda tight when I expected it to be a landslide win for her. Stacey will be a tough challenge for Christine, especially if the next duel requires stamina and mental power.

Episode Rating: 8 of 10 stars

Photo courtesy of: CBS

5 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 107: South Pacific – This is Gonna Be My Game! (Episode 4)

  1. I’m really impressed by Coach so far. In that situation is may have been to tough to get rid of Brandon. If it was me I would have got rid of him, but I think Stacy was so far gone from that tribe she wouldn’t have been able to replace Brandon in that alliance. As far as Brandon he’s kind of annoying. He isn’t anything like Russel.

    I like Jim. He’s playing a good game. I like that he is building a second alliance. I feel the best thing that can happen to Jim is somehow finding out Ozzy has the idol. If he finds that out he could probably pull Elyse to his side and even the numbers up.

    Going to be a great duel.


  2. The “too pious” Brandon is kinda annoying, yeah that’s right but here’s the thing – he is still useful to Coach. Coach trusts Brandon, he’s his sidekick and he needs him to protect his game. Brandon protects Coach’s alliance even if he only thinks he is on the show to make friends.

    At some point, Brandon reminds me of Phillip of last season. Phillip was the most annoying in the group but he still made the finale just because of Boston Rob.

    Stacey was clearly the biggest threat in Coach’s alliance. Even if she’s physically capable of competing with the big guns, she still needs to go because Coach says so.

    As for Jim, I expect him to work smoothly with Dawn and blindside Ozzy before the merge. Or maybe, just maybe, Jim has a good point to eliminate Elyse. Elyse must go first because she might not last in Redemption Island. If Ozzy goes first in Redemption Island, he’ll be in winning streak and his chances of getting into final five is high.


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