Survivor Insights 102: The Best Final Immunity Challenge is …???

Rich, Tina, Ethan, Vecepia, Brian, Jenna, Sandra, Amber (All-Stars), Chris, Tom, Dani, Aras, Yul, Earl, Todd, Parvati (Fans vs Favorites), JT, Natalie, Sandra (two-time winner, Heroes vs Villains), Fabio, Boston Rob (Redemption Island) and in less than a month from now, it’s the premiere of a new season with new set of castaways highlighting the comeback of Ozzy and Coach.

Who’s the next sole survivor? Before uncovering the mysteries waiting for us in South Pacific, let’s chill for a while and remember all those castaways who dominated immunity challenges. I’m sure you never forget those names. These are the people who made this show the most extraordinary reality-competition show on earth.

Truth is; winning a challenge in SURVIVOR is certainly the hardest moment to put down especially when you’re out there, hungry, bored, feeling wet, left with no options but to win the necklace. This was what Parvati did in Heroes vs Villains, right?

Boston Rob also did well in Redemption Island and he deserved a lot of high-fives from the fans, producers and co-castaways. But to be honest and it’s hard to deny it, I was more impressed with his run in All-Stars even if he only ended up as a runner-up.

The Immunity Challenge

The final immunity challenge plays an important role. Brian, Jenna, Chris, Tom, JT, Fabio and Boston Rob – these are the ones who wore the final necklace around their neck and ended up winning the title. For some winners, they fail to win it and did not even not came close to winning.

Simply put, winning the final immunity challenge can only help you win this game but never consider it as your free ticket to triumph. If I have to pick the two I could not forget, of course, I’ll choose the one in season 12 and in season 16. It’s not only for the reason my personal bets played it but because the excitement, level of nerves and stress were on a different high as I watched it. Back in season 12, Aras came only second to Danielle in “floating platforms.” Aras’ biggest luck just sided with him when Danielle realized she could not win a vote against Terry.

Back in season 16, Parvati was the first one who dropped the challenge. However, I still doubted it if Amanda won the challenge if she still brought Cirie. Parvati received 5-3 votes from the jury and this number was nearly tight but not close eh?

How about you?

What’s your favorite final immunity challenge? (My apology for forgetting the exact title of the challenge) Just vote and commenting in the box below is much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 102: The Best Final Immunity Challenge is …???

  1. I kind of like the simplicity of an endurance test. Standing on a log with one hand on the object in the middle. I like this one because it’s a fair game for everyone.


  2. my vote goes for Guatemala. I know it’s kinda biased knowing i am a big stephenie fan but I really like her here. We have seen a different side of Stephenie but on this challenge, the old Stephenie came back, She fought as hard as she can on the final challenge where clearly she had a height disadvantage versus Danni.


  3. I remembered that challenge Mervin. It’s hard to believe Steph was in 100% pain. Her body could no longer continue but her mind still wanted it so bad. I admired her being a fighter that time. As for Dani, she handled this situation very well. She appeared she was too focused on her game than be disturbed by Steph’s cries of frustrations.

    Dani is not a popular winner; she won’t come back for the second time but she really deserved to win her season. She’s the only female survivor who has the abs that’s envied by both men and women (kidding!)


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