Who’s the Real GOAT? Pete Sampras or Roger Federer

This debate goes on and on and on. Perhaps, you’re just going to nowhere if you’ll force yourself to answer the questions: Who’s better? Who’s the best? Who’s the greatest of all time?

Being the “Greatest of All-Time” can be defined in many ways. It can be based on statistics, playing styles, number of titles won during their career or the longest reign at number one. The fact both of these men won numerous grand slams and been the number one in the world for many weeks, it’s hard to say the one is a better GOAT than the other. Both of them are also Leo – The American (August 12, 1971) was just ten years older than the Swiss (August 8, 1981).

Below is their first-meeting match at Wimbledon 2001 (videos courtesy of YouTube). Watch it for yourself and tell me what you think.

I am not a pro, I’m not an analyst and I don’t play real tennis. I only play it on the virtual world and I can’t wait to play against them on Wii Tennis Grand Slam or Virtua Tennis. Whoever he is, Pete or Roger, these names can no longer be forgotten. They are tennis legends and, if it’s a forever toss up between Pete Sampras or Roger Federer – I kinda go with the Swiss. His smooth and controlled style while hitting a ball in any surface is pure brilliance. Winning the Olympics in singles is what I only want to see in his resume.

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