5 Ways to Treat Anxiety Attacks

This article is written by Aras Chase and is published at EzineArticles

Anxiety attacks, also called as panic attacks, are intense episodes of extreme panic and fear. Its symptoms usually occur without warning and this includes rush of overwhelming panic, feeling of losing control, chest pain, feeling of passing out, choking sensation, hyperventilation, chills, trembling uncontrollably, stomach cramps and feeling detached.

The most common treatment used to cure episodes of anxiety attacks is called holistic treatment. This treatment includes a range of effective methods such as controlling your diet routine, altering your lifestyle, performing regular exercises such as yoga, taking herbal medications and attending sessions of psychotherapy programs.

1) Proper Dieting

People who are overweight or underweight are regularly anxious. They feel worried, nervous and uneasy even when the situation is not too threatening. The one reason to explain these behaviors is linked with their eating patterns. That’s why; it’s advisable for these people to change their eating patterns to stop their anxiety attacks.

2) Learning How to Relax

Many health experts say Taiji and QiGong are good relaxation exercises. These exercises balance your body chemicals resulting to reduction of mind anxiety. A special deep breathing technique is also effective. Sometimes, all it takes to relax the mind and body is to increase the oxygen level circulating around your body.

3) Regular Exercise

No matter how you want to rationalize it, lack of exercise can make you feel anxious. That’s why; it is highly recommended to perform simple exercises at least thirty minutes a day. If you are not the type of person who wants to spend an hour or two inside the gym, that’s fine. Regular exercising only covers simple cardio such as biking, walking, swimming and running. Stretching your entire body is also good for you. It improves blood circulation and makes you feel more focus.

4) Medication

If your anxiety attacks are too serious, it is just the right time for you to ask professional help. Only a licensed and qualified psychiatrist can give you the prescribed amount of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant pills.

5) Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most common psychotherapy used by professionals to cure anxiety attacks. Depending on the intensity of your situation, these professionals will select what CBT method will work for you. They can use these techniques: Panic Puzzle (Breaking the anxiety by playing an audio developed by Rich Presta), Panic Away (Making a painless way to stop the next attack permanently) and The Linden Method (Changing the way you behave to stop anxiety attacks).

These days, there are a number of complementary exercises (also a form of simple therapy) which aim to restore your body strength and health. These are massages, shiatsu, tuina, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

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